Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 147 - I Do Like to Kill My Teammates!
Chapter 147:I Do Like to Kill My Teammates!

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The people who saw what happened just now in the command room could not help but laugh out loud. Feng Yi grabbed the walkie-talkie and said to them with a smile, “Don’t humiliate yourselves anymore. Come back now!”

Lightning laughed playfully. “What did I tell you? You did not heed my advice and now you paid the price for it!”

“Damn it! I’m gonna go insane! How could she take our suits!” One of them could not help but complain.

“It’s just a suit. She didn’t ask you to take off all of your clothes! Don’t act like you were harrassed!” Crocodile said cheekily, it was just like a knife stabbing into their hearts.

Tang Jinyu remained calm but he raised his eyebrows slightly. He said frostily, “Let’s add ten more kilometres for you!”

The others were speechless.

‘Boss, do you want to decapitate us?”


Lu Yao had been serving in the military team before he became the instructor for the Military Academy.

He knew perfectly well what went on in teams like this and how things worked in a situation like this.

Moreover, he understood that the signalling devices in their backpacks were revealing their locations.

Their superiors were keeping an eye on their locations and tracking their movements.

They would not succeed if they were to just hide in the forest.

Furthermore, the battle had started when the drone pelted the bombs into the forest.

They were not even allowed to hide themselves.

If they were to remain stationary, the hunters would surely come after them.

Undoubtedly, this test was designed to test their ability to react, their ability to hide themselves and also their survival skills. Moreover, they wanted to push them over their limits and to explore their hidden potentials by draining their energy.

Lu Yao observed his surroundings carefully, then he got up and wanted to change his hiding spot.

However, he soon heard a gunshot when he had not gone far.

He frowned and hid himself quickly.

“Catch up with that person!” A voice came from behind him and it was getting closer to him.

“Where is that person?” A hunter who was pursuing after him said in doubt.

“Look around!”

Then, they switched on the heat sensors in their hands and tried to look for Lu Yao.

However, they did not get any signal from the heat sensors.

They were about to leave when they saw a river beside them.

If someone were to hide in the river, the heat sensor would not be able to detect them.

Moreover, the river was leading toward the road opposite them. He must have gone there.

It was just like what they speculated as Lu Yao had reached the opposite side of the forest by crossing the river.

The moment Lu Yao broke through the river surface, the sniper on the opposite side shot at him directly. Luckily, he knew what he was doing. He did not underestimate the hunters. He submerged back into the river again after he resurfaced.

The bullet was shot at where he was just now.

After that, he heard two gunshots.

Surprisingly, the bullets were not aimed at him.

Lu Yao frowned. Soon, he heard footsteps approaching him at the riverbank.

“Instructor Lu, are you a turtle? It seems like you like to hide yourself in the river!” A playful voice could be heard.

Lu Yao resurfaced in the river. His gaze soon fell upon a young girl who was wearing a ghillie suit in front of him.

She was holding a sniper gun in one of her hands and her other hand was placed on her waist. She seemed so smug, arrogant and annoying at the same time.

Lu Yao got out of the river and walked toward her.

“Did you eliminate the snipers on the opposite side?” Lu Yao asked her.

“Yes.” Jian Qi smiled. “Why don’t you consider my previous offer? Pay me some protection money and I’ll protect you from now on!”

Lu Yao laughed coldly.

Jian Qi aimed her gun right at him.

“What are you doing?”

“I wanna try my shooting skills…” Jian Qi was calm but her smile was crude.

“I’m your teammate. Do you want to kill me?” Lu Yao frowned.

“Oh! You do know that we’re teammates!” Jian Qi smiled cheekily as her eyes seemed to flash with murderous intentions. Her smile was rather wicked and reckless. “But, I do like to kill my teammates!”

Lu Yao was speechless.

‘This maniac!’

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