Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 149 - Young Lady, You Are Right!
Chapter 149: Young Lady, You Are Right!

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“Let’s go!” Lu Yao suppressed his anger and said.

He did not want to be indebted to her.

He did not get the chance to compete with Jian Qi during their previous drill practice. As such, it was not over between them yet.

Moreover, the fact that she saved him merely pertained to this test.

The two things were unrelated and he would not mix them together.

She saved him this time so he would protect her till the end of this test!

He would not mix it together with what happened during the previous drill practice.

However, Jian Qi looked at him calmly as she seemed to have mixed feelings. Then, she followed behind him.

The signals of the two hunters disappeared at the same time in the command room. It was only one second apart. It was rather surprising.

“Check this location. See who else is around!” Tang Jinyu said to the technicians beside him.

The technicians soon found the signals.

“Lu Yao.”

“Who is beside him?” Feng Yi asked.

“Jian Qi.”

Feng Yi raised an eyebrow. “So, Jian Qi eliminated our hunters and saved Lu Yao just now.”

Lightning was rather surprised. Why would Jian Qi save Lu Yao? He hated her so much. Would they not get into a fight once she had saved him?”

Tang Jinyu glanced at the monitoring screen. He focused his gaze on the signal which belonged to Jian Qi.

However, he was rather surprised to see her saving other people.

He thought that Jian Qi would eliminate Lu Yao the minute she bumped into him.

The two dots were stagnant on the same spot for a while before they started moving together.

Lightning was amused. “It seems like they’ve ganged up!”

Crocodile touched his chin. He seemed to be thinking about something. “If they were to stay together, it’ll be rather difficult to touch either of them! Why don’t we separate them?”

Then, they turned to look at Tang Jinyu who was staring at the monitoring screen. They did not know what he was thinking.

They looked at each other helplessly.

“Boss?” Everyone turned to stare at Crocodile, under the pressuring stares, he was forced to speak up.

“Feng Yi and Lightning, the two of you go now!” Tang Jinyu said. “You just need to keep a close eye on them!”

Crocodile could not help but laugh. “Boss, are you planning to push them to the ends of the world?”

Tang Jinyu smirked. “You’ll be punished if you fail your mission!”

“That’s impossible!” Lightning felt that he was clearly looking down on them.

Moreover, they could keep a close eye on their locations so it would be easy to eliminate them easily.

Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened but he did not retort. He continued to stare at the screen.

‘Young girl, don’t you disappoint me!’

Feng Yi and Lightning left the room. Crocodile could not help but say, “Boss, it’s quite late already. I think that it won’t take three days. It’ll probably end tomorrow morning.”

“You are underestimating these people!” Tang Jinyu said placidly. “Also, the two of them should be back soon. Go and supervise their running.”

Crocodile. “…”

Did he say something wrong again?

Peace and silence filled the room when the guys had all left. The others in the room carried out their work quietly. They did not dare to say anything unnecessary in front of him. If not, they would have to suffer terribly.

Jian Qi and Lu Yao strolled around the forest. They were already exhausted from the stamina tests, having to walk about was even more tiring.

“Let’s find a place to rest.” Jian Qi said.

Lu Yao nodded. It was not a good idea to run around like this.

They had three days ahead of them. It was not a good thing for them if their stamina were to be drained like this.

Jian Qi observed the surroundings and soon found a place to hide herself.

Lu Yao was very careful. He observed the surroundings carefully and even set up a trap.

Jian Qi saw what he was doing and she was rather amused. “Instructor Lu, you are more meticulous than you look!”

“There’ll be people coming our way now that we’ve stopped.” Lu Yao said.

Jian Qi grinned as she seemed to have seen through everything. “Based on the Instructor Tang that I know, the ones who are coming after us are no ordinary people.”

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