Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 15
Chapter 15: Crushed Her in Terms of Aura!

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Coco stared at her, not able to understand her thoughts anymore.

She had become mysterious ever since the time they met at the hospital!

Was the damage caused by the drugging incident so deep that she had become like this?

Did he give her too much pressure?

Coco tilted his head as his eyebrows knit together in worry.

Exposure was vital in the entertainment industry, and Jian Qi didn’t have enough of it. It wasn’t that Coco didn’t know how to manage; he just felt that Jian Qi should take care of her studies while she was still in high school. He thought that she should only practice some acting now, as she had a lot of time in the future to improve.

And so, even though Jian Qi was somewhat known, but it wasn’t enough in the entertainment industry that was continually emerging with new faces at a breakneck pace.

The first day she joined the crew, Jian Qi kept it on the down-low.

But alas some things still changed, for example, her aura.

As a supporting character in the upcoming drama King of Guns, Jian Qi’s role was a spy that was undercover at the red light district. She was seductive and alluring, but cold and unfeeling.

At the start of the drama, she was unforgiving and murderous. In the second half of the drama, she fell in love with the male protagonist and helped him out multiple times to the point where she sacrificed her life.

The script of this role was the one that Coco rejected point-blank. There were tons of action scenes associated with this role, and it was a complete contrast from the likable and airheaded characters that Jian Qi was known for acting as.

Because this character was a fusion of extremes—Extreme bloodlust, extreme sorrow, and even intense love… Coco didn’t think Jian Qi could adequately portray this character.

He was also afraid that this role would cause the opposite effect if she couldn’t portray it accurately, so he didn’t let Jian Qi try it out.

Coco knew Jian Qi’s acting ability better than anyone!

He didn’t want Jian Qi to have too much pressure.

At least not now when she was only eighteen years old. It was the golden era in her life, and he didn’t want it to be destroyed by keyboard warriors.

He didn’t expect her to change the status quo and pick such a challenging role!

Jian Qi sat down at her position while Coco went to see see the director.

A few unfriendly gazes locked onto her, but she ignored them all.

“Jian Qi, what a surprise!” A somewhat mocking voice said, as the top of Jian Qi’s head was covered by a shadow.

Jian Qi looked at the woman that was standing next to her and looking down at her snobbishly. The woman wore delicate makeup, and her face was good looking enough, but there were visible signs of plastic surgery. The shape of her eyes was too fake, her nose looked plastic, and her chin was too sharp.

How much had this woman let her face be cut?

Wouldn’t that hurt?

She promptly recalled her memories regarding this woman.

Ren Ranran, a third-rate artist who had a boom in popularity due to her constant presence in variety shows lately, further increasing her net worth.

But even though Jian Qi had much less exposure than she did, Jian Qi always received better roles and offers, so she always disliked her with a passion. Whenever they were in the same crew, she would always find trouble with Jian Qi.

“Got a problem?”

Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow, and even though she was only sitting on a chair and was shorter than Ren Ranran, she crushed her in terms of aura!

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