Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 150 - I See You as My Buddy but You See Me as a Love Rival!
Chapter 150: I See You as My Buddy but You See Me as a Love Rival!

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Lu Yao stopped what he was doing after hearing what Jian Qi said. He ordered someone to go and investigate Jian Qi after the previous drill practice, from there he had received some rumors about her.

“How did you get to know Tang Jinyu?”

Jian Qi smiled sinisterly. “Instructor Lu, I didn’t know you like to gossip too.”

Lu Yao knew that he would be infuriated by her whenever he wanted to talk to her.

Jian Qi continued speaking, “It was a dark night. I witnessed an incident where Instructor Tang was being sexually harassed by somebody. So, I saved him. In the end, Instructor Tang promised to marry me!”

“Now that I think about it, it’s the beginning of a romantic love story!”

Lu Yao. “…”

Who would believe such nonsense? Do people nowadays spew nonsense that did not even make sense?

It was impossible for Tang Jinyu to have been bullied by someone else.

He was such an insanely capable and exceptional man.

Lu Yao was done setting the trap. Then, he found a good hiding spot.

He was not far from Jian Qi and they could save each other if they were to face any danger.

“Instructor Lu, why are you so curious about what happened between me and Tang Jinyu? Have you fallen in love with me?” Jian Qi pretended to be surprised, but it was apparent that she was messing with him.

“You think too much.” Lu Yao scoffed. He just wanted a proper reason to beat her up.

“Don’t tell me that you like Instructor Tang instead!” Jian Qi retorted and smirked. “No wonder you find me annoying. It’s because you treat me as a love rival! Instructor Lu, I did not think that you are that kind of person. I see you as my buddy but you see me as your love rival!”

Lu Yao. “…”

‘Damn it! Was I mad? Why did I talk to her?’

“Instructor Lu, are you admitting to it now by keeping quiet?” Jian Qi smiled playfully. “It’s fine. I’ll compete with you fair and square just because it’s you. If not, I’ll surely destroy the person if it were someone else!”

“Who the heck wants to compete with you?” Lu Yao was furious.

“Do you want me to give up instead?”

Lu Yao took a deep breath. “Don’t talk to me from now on!”

“Instructor Lu, the most important thing is to have confidence in yourself. You must believe in yourself. If you don’t compete for it, how would you know your capabilities?” Jian Qi smiled happily. “Maybe Instructor Tang would change and like guys instead. Then, I’ll give you my blessings!”

Lu Yao exhaled deeply. He did not want to talk to her anymore.

They were not far from each other. Hence, Jian Qi could feel his emotions easily.

“Instructor Lu, good luck!”

Lu Yao gritted his teeth. “Leave me alone!”

Jian Qi would have burst into laughter if they were in a different setting.

Jian Qi stopped her nonsense as she could foresee that there would be a battle waiting for them later on. She then closed her eyes to get some rest.

They had twenty minutes of peace which was then ruined by soft footsteps among the bushes.

Lu Yao wanted to wake Jian Qi, who was taking a rest, up. However, she was already on full alert.

“Instructor Lu, they’re here. Do you want to run away?”

Lu Yao observed the surroundings for a while but he could not see anyone, all he could hear were footsteps. Now that he focused his hearing, it seemed like the footsteps had disappeared.

“It’s too late now if we want to run away!” Lu Yao said. “Moreover, it’s just like what you said just now. The people who are after us this time are no ordinary people!”

“It means that I know Instructor Tang very well!”

Jian Qi smiled. She sounded very excited and her eyes seemed murderous all of a sudden.

‘If I manage to eliminate them, will Little Tang Tang be angry?

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