Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 151 - It Is Better to Take the Initiative Than to Wait For Death
Chapter 151: It Is Better to Take the Initiative Than to Wait For Death

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Jian Qi was hoping that Tang Jinyu himself would come. She would surely be more delighted.

She knew that Tang Jinyu had excellent martial arts skills when she went shooting for the film. She was too weak at that time so she did not have the chance nor way to test his skills.

Within the few months of being in the National Defense Academy, she had strengthened her body. Although she had yet to achieve the exceptional state that she was in before, she was still quite satisfied with her body’s condition now.

As such, she hoped that she could have a chance to fight Tang Jinyu. She became rather excited just thinking about it.

Although it was slightly impossible to be recruited by the military team, if she did, she would have plenty of chances to openly beat Tang Jinyu up.

As such, she wanted to pass the recruitment test!

Jian Qi wanted to laugh out loud at the thought of beating Tang Jinyu up.

“What are you thinking about?” Lu Yao noticed that Jian Qi was suddenly smiling. It was quite frightening to see that smile in the dark night.

Jian Qi came to her senses with his words. “It’s nothing. I’m just wondering why they are not here yet. They might be hiding somewhere and plotting some kind of scheme right now!”

It was just like what she had guessed. The two men who had reached the battlefield were now hiding somewhere.

“What do you think? Do you want to act now?” Feng Yi asked Lightning who was beside him.

Although she was his goddess, Feng Yi felt that it would be nice to face her head on in the battlefield.

Feng Yi was rather excited now.

Lightning saw his facial expression and he could not help but sneer at him.

“Wouldn’t it be quite humiliating if you rush out there and be eliminated by her?”

Feng Yi. “…”

“Are you kidding right now? That’s utterly impossible!”

“So, do you think that the boss asked us to come here just to tackle Lu Yao?” Lightning raised an eyebrow. “Young boy, you’re just too naive!”

“Who the hell is naive?” Feng Yi scoffed haughtily.

“We are lying here and not doing anything else. What does it mean?”

“Let’s wait for a while and observe the surroundings. It’s better to be careful!” Lightning said.

He was angry when he thought about the lesson that cost him five hundred dollars.

It was very humiliating!

As such, he would never allow that kind of thing to happen this time around!

Aside from their admiration for Tang Jinyu, everyone admired Lightning’s cautiousness and intelligence the most in that team.

What happened the previous time was just an accident because Lightning looked down on her.

Feng Yi personally preferred to end things quickly but he trusted Lightning’s suggestion since they were a team.

Moreover, Lightning was the one in charge here. Surely, Feng Yi would listen to his orders.

They brought along the heat sensors with them so they knew perfectly well that both Jian Qi and Lu Yao were not far from them.

What they needed now was a perfect plan to eliminate both of them!

“Let’s discuss the plan” Lightning said to Feng Yi. Then, he whispered to him about his plan.

While they were going through the details of the plan on how to corner Jian Qi, she was getting rather restless.

“I think that it’s better to take the initiative and attack first instead of waiting here passively. What do you think?” Jian Qi tilted her head sideways and asked Lu Yao who was beside her.

“What do you want to do?”

Lu Yao looked at Jian Qi who had a devilish and dark smile on her face. She was flashing her set of white teeth like a vampire out for blood.

Lu Yao knew that she was plotting some kind of wicked plan in that head of hers.

Suddenly, he took pity on the enemies who were hiding near them.

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