Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 152 - Jian Qi Is Indeed a Wicked Girl
Chapter 152: Jian Qi Is Indeed a Wicked Girl

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Jian Qi took out the signalling device from her backpack. She said to Lu Yao. “The reason why the hunters are able to locate us so soon must be because of our locations. If my guess is right, the tracker is hidden inside this signalling device!”

Lu Yao raised an eyebrow. He admired her intelligence.

She had never been in a military team before but she could sharply see through a lot of things.

“Instructor Lu, I want you to take my signalling device and walk away from me. Go straight but not too far away. You must maintain at a walking speed.” Jian Qi smiled and said.

Lu Yao stared at her as she handed him her signalling device. He asked, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll use your signalling device and disqualify you directly by launching the signal?”

“Are you that kind of person?” Jian Qi smiled and asked.

It was an interrogation from deep within her soul.

Lu Yao was not that kind of person but he wanted so badly to send out her signal and disqualify her.

“I’ll stay and tackle them. You go on and take my signalling device with you!” Lu Yao handed her his signalling device.


Jian Qi was not hesitant. She grabbed his signalling device and walked away.

Lu Yao was speechless.

What about respecting the elders and being modest?

Why did he feel like he was being set up by her?

He had literally handed Jian Qi his life.

However, he knew that Jian Qi would never send out his signal and disqualify him.

Since he had promised to protect her until the end of the test, he would never ask her to risk her life!

Jian Qi took the signalling device and left. The red dots on the heat sensor equipment started to move.

Lightning and Feng Yi had planned to outflank them but they soon realized that the red dots had started moving. They were leaving.

Feng Yi looked at him. “It seems like we can only carry out our plan when we catch up to them!”

“They’re not far away! Let’s go after them!”

“Wait!” Lightning said cautiously.

He observed their moving speeds. It was fast.

“What are we waiting for?” Feng Yi asked.

“Wait for them to stop!”

After around ten minutes, the red dots stopped moving.

Feng Yi was rather excited. He could not wait any longer. He asked again, “They’ve stopped moving now. Can we go now?”

“There’s something wrong!” Lightning said and frowned slightly.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s too close by!” Feng Yi said. “Their previous location is near their current location. It’s too close to each other!”

“They might not want to run far. They might be exhausted from today’s stamina tests. It’s midnight now. They might be exhausted from running for a long time in the forest. They’re even pursued by us. Surely, their stamina has been drained by now.”

Feng Yi said as he took out his binoculars and observed their surroundings.

It was rather quiet!

“Yes, surely they’re tired. However, Jian Qi and Lu Yao are no fools. They are not far from their previous spot. It’s no different from staying at their original spot.” Lightning frowned.

If Lightning had never faced them before, he would not have been so suspicious. However, he had the experience of fighting them before. He would not look down on Lu Yao’s cautiousness and intelligence.

Moreover, Jian Qi was too wicked. One would never know what her real thoughts were.

Feng Yi saw how nervous Lightning was. He could not help but laugh. “So, are you saying that they know that we’re here and they are not far away from us. Which means that they have set a trap for us?”

“It might be possible!” Lightning said.

“Let’s split up and ambush them from behind.” Feng Yi said.

Lightning looked at him and said, “It’s surprising that you are able to think properly given that your goddess is here!”

However, the moment he said those words, an explosion was heard behind them!

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