Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 153 - Fighting among Themselves
Chapter 153: Fighting among Themselves

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Both Lightning and Feng Yi were shocked. It was because the explosion was not far from them. It was only two meters away.

Who threw the bomb at them?

They stood up immediately.

The moment they stood up, a bomb was pelted on the spot right beside them.

“Run!” Both Lightning and Feng Yi exclaimed at the same time.

They heard another explosion when they started running. The bomb exploded just beside them!

They were frightened when they saw the smoke rising up from the explosion.

Who was there beside them? Why did they not sense anything?

If it were real, they would have been blasted into pieces and killed just now.

Right now, they were on full alert.

Lu Yao was standing opposite them. He was clearly surprised.

What was happening right now?

Logically speaking, novice soldiers would not choose to go head on with the hunters. As such, the logical explanation would be that the bombs were thrown by hunters. However, the bombs were pelted at where the hunters were.

What in the world was going on?

Were they fighting among themselves?

Lu Yao was thinking the same thing that Feng Yi and Lightning were thinking.

Were the other hunters digging a hole for their own people?

At the same time, someone behind Lightning and Feng Yi started shooting at them.

The firepower was strong and powerful!

“I’ll definitely kill them if I know who threw the bombs at us just now!”

Feng Yi gritted his teeth.

Lightning and Feng Yi dodged the bullets immediately since they did not want their locations to be exposed. There were two people waiting for them ahead of them. They had initially planned to stealthily sneak over and capture Jian Qi and Lu Yao alive.

However, the people behind them did not even give them any chance. They were aiming their guns at them now.

“You guys in front of us, surrender now. We have you surrounded!”

Lightning said, “Surrounded your head!”

‘You idiots, are you taunting me?’

If they were to continue messing around like this, Jian Qi and Lu Yao would notice them. Hence, Lightning and Feng Yi had to reveal their identities.

“Stop it! It’s Feng Yi and me!” Lightning shouted angrily.

However, another bomb was thrown at them when he started speaking. The sound of the explosion muffled what he was saying.

Only Feng Yi was able to hear what he said. The hunters opposite them did not hear him at all.

After the bomb was thrown, they started shooting their guns at them again.

Feng Yi and Lightning swiftly dodged the bullets and covered themselves.

They were in such a pathetic situation!

They had imagined all kinds of situations while facing Jian Qi and Lu Yao. However, it never crossed their minds that they would be framed by their own comrades!

He was annoyed and infuriated. He wanted to destroy them so badly.

It seemed like their opponents had used up all their bullets. They ceased fire and started to approach Feng Yi and Lightning slowly.

“The two of you, stand up. Put your hands up! We’ve captured you!” One of the hunters said.

The three hunters circled around Feng Yi and Lightning who were lying on the ground now.

Feng Yi and Lightning stood up. Their facial expressions were terrible to say the least.

One of the hunters was amused when he realized that Feng Yi and Lightning were wearing ghillie suits. He said playfully, “You are quite good. You even eliminated our people and snatched away their suits!”

Feng Yi took off his cap and shouted at them angrily, “Are you blind?”

They were stunned. Although Feng Yi’s face was painted, they could recognize his voice. “Mr. Feng? It’s you?!”

Lightning scoffed coldly. “You guys did so well, the only thing that you didn’t do is blow us up!”

“Lightning is here too!”

The three hunters were in an awkward situation right now!

They thought that Feng Yi and Lightning were novice soldiers…

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