Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 154 - Big Sister Qi, Do You Want to Fight With Me One-On-One?
Chapter 154: Big Sister Qi, Do You Want to Fight With Me One-On-One?

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“It’s just a misunderstanding!” One of the hunters smiled and said. “You were the ones who shot at us first! That’s why we threw the bombs at you. Moreover, you threw the bombs at us too, didn’t you?”

“When did we throw bombs at you? Also, when did we shoot at you? We haven’t even released our guns’ safety pins. How can we have possibly shot you?” Feng Yi shouted angrily.

Lightning came to his senses first. “You said that we shot at you, right?”

One of the hunters nodded. “Yes, we pursued after you because you shot us just now. That’s why we attacked you!”

Feng Yi and Lightning looked at each other.

Their facial expressions changed suddenly. “Disperse!”

The moment he said those words, they saw a few grenades being launched at them.

They swiftly threw themselves to the side, scared that they would be impacted by the bombs.

They pressed themselves on the ground and the bombs exploded beside them.

In the midst of the thick smoke and great explosions, the three hunters were shot directly by a silencer.

Lightning and Feng Yi reacted quickly and armed themselves. They became alert and hid behind some trees.

However, they did not hear any more gunshots. Instead, they heard some footsteps.

Not long after that, they heard a sinister laughter. “Instructors, come out and have a chat with us. If you wanted to kill us, you would have done that earlier!”

She sounded so reckless and arrogant!

It was extremely annoying!

Feng Yi and Lightning looked at each other. Feng Yi was amused but Lightning was infuriated.

At the same time, they were fully armed as they appeared from behind the trees. They pointed their guns at Jian Qi.

The young girl was standing less than three meters away from them. The three hunters who were eliminated were at the side, utterly devastated.

“Lightning, get rid of her. Avenge us!”

“Yes, seek revenge for us!”

“Disqualify her! Don’t let her act so smug!”

The three hunters were extremely furious.

They were eliminated just like that.

Jian Qi smiled wickedly. “Brothers, you’re dead. Stop talking nonsense!”

The three hunters were speechless.

“Big Sister Qi, you’re being unruly!” Lightning was furious but he was smiling at her. “You made a fool out of us just now. Did you plan to destroy all of us intentionally?”

Jian Qi looked at them calmly. She said playfully, “You are Instructor Tang’s experienced soldiers. If a few grenades can kill you, maybe you should be clay dolls instead?”

Lightning gritted his teeth as he forced a smile.

He was planning to gain the upper hand now. “Big Sister Qi, did you think that you can fight us both when you expose yourself like this?”

Jian Qi’s smile widened. She seemed rather evil. “The fact that you are here means that you know that Instructor Lu is with me. The main point is that he is in hiding now. He can get rid of the two of you anytime he wants!

Both Lightning and Feng Yi were speechless.

‘Young lady, can you please not act so pompously!’

“From what you said, does it mean that you don’t want to take our lives?” Lightning smiled and asked.

Jian Qi smirked. “I’ll let you live for now!”

Lightning. “…”

He was merely saying that but she was acting so arrogantly.

Then, Lightning tilted his head sideways and looked at Feng Yi.

Feng Yi was smiling at Jian Qi the whole time. He was nothing but a fool in love.

He wanted to scold him. What kind of stupid comrade did he have?

Did he know his position right now?

Lightning soon felt like he was fighting alone on the battlefield.

“Feng Yi, be careful and observe your surroundings. Be on alert!”

Lightning said softly to Feng Yi. Then, he turned to look at Jian Qi. “Big Sister Qi, do you want to fight with me one-on-one?”

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