Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 155 - Well Done You Guys!
Chapter 155: Well Done You Guys!

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Jian Qi’s smile deepend. “One-on-one? Are you sure?”

Her peculiar smile was rather frightening.

“Big Sister Qi, are you afraid?”

Lightning could not lose his ground.

“I’m just afraid that you might lose badly. Instructor Tang might punish you terribly when you go back!”

Lightning. “…”

‘Young lady, you’ll be beaten up terribly if you act so pompously!’

Although Feng Yi seemed like a fool now, at least he knew what he should do right now.

When Lightning was talking to Jian Qi, he observed his surroundings quickly. He wanted to look for Lu Yao.

“Instructor Feng, it seems like you’re looking for Lu Yao.” Jian Qi smiled and looked at Feng Yi. She said playfully, “Who wants to die first? I’ll ask Instructor Lu to shoot you now. If you die, you’ll be able to see where he is, right?”

Feng Yi did not know how to respond to that.

They remained quiet as Jian Qi smiled calmly. “That’s enough. Let’s stop chit-chatting. Don’t you want to know where Instructor Lu is? Why don’t we ask him to greet you?”

The moment she said those words, bullets were shot at them. Their tracking devices were smashed by the assault.

Feng Yi responded instinctively and raised his gun to aim at the direction from where the bullets came from.

“Instructors, I forgot to tell you. I still have a grenade in my hand!” Jian Qi smiled devilishly. Then, she dropped the pin and threw the grenade at them directly.

“Get down!”

The five men haphazardly threw themselves aside and pressed themselves on the ground.

Boom! The grenade exploded.

Feng Yi and Lightning were infuriated. However, Jian Qi was no longer there when they got up. They could only hear her cheeky voice reverberating throughout the forest.

“Instructors, you don’t have the tracking devices now. You can continue to look for us. I’ll give you a chance to fight one-on-one with me the next time you find me!” She said tauntingly.

Both Feng Yi and Lightning were outraged.

The three hunters beside them who were eliminated just now never imagined that they would experience a second explosion. They were so furious that they wanted to curse out loud.

“Kill that girl when you find her!” One of the hunters gritted his teeth and said.

“That’s right. Avenge us!”

“She is too wicked. How could she throw another grenade at us when we’ve already been eliminated?”

They were extremely livid. Soon, they heard Tang Jinyu’s cold voice in their ears. “You’re enjoying your little chat, aren’t you?”

All of a sudden, they were frightened. They had forgotten that they were carrying the webcams with them.

As such, their boss witnessed the entire scene just now and saw how they were humiliated.

“Come back now, the three of you. You’ll have more training tonight!”

Tang Jinyu said frostily. His aura was strong and suppressing. Even though they were far away from him, they were still frightened.

When Tang Jinyu mentioned more training, it would never be something easy.

Moreover, his voice sounded so harsh and cold. They could imagine how they would be treated cruelly by him.

“Feng Yi and Lightning, you can come back with them if you want more training.”

Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. “She used a trick and all of you started fighting among yourselves, well done!”

“Boss, we’ll surely complete our mission!” Lightning cried out.

“Boss, our tracking devices were ruined.” Feng Yi forcefully said.

“It’s fine…” Tang Jinyu said softly.

Just when they had a glimmer of hope, Tang Jinyu spoke again. “I’ll deduct it from your allowance!”

Both Feng Yi and Lightning were speechless.

“You need to find a way to go after them even though your tracking devices have been ruined. Anyway, I think it’s time for you to practice more. When the time is up and you haven’t fulfilled your mission, come back and I’ll get rid of you instead!”

Tang Jinyu frostily said.

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