Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 157 - Did it Look Like She Was Going To Sexually Harass Them?
Chapter 157: Did it Look Like She Was Going To Sexually Harass Them?

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Jian Qi smiled maliciously, as her tone sounded rather cheeky, “Instructor Lu, you sound like you do have a thing for my Instructor Tang!”

Lu Yao. “…”

‘F*ck, just a few sentences in and I already want to tear her apart so badly!’

“I don’t have a thing for him!” Lu Yao was furious and shouted at Jian Qi.

Jian Qi held back her laughter with a ‘I know it all’ face.

Lu Yao took a deep breath and decided not to continue this nonsense with her.

“Are you mad, Instructor Lu?” Jian Qi followed him and teased him, “Alright, alright, you don’t have a thing for him, hahaha…”

Lu Yao pursed his lips, he did not want to talk to her.

If he had not said that he would protect her until the end of the test, Lu Yao really wanted to bid her farewell right now!

If they had not been killed by the hunters first, he would die of high blood pressure because of her!

She kept her smiley face on after seeing Lu Yao being furious. “Instructor Lu, since you know so much about my Instructor Tang, let’s talk about him!”

He was even more furious after being teased again.

“F*ck off!” Lu Yao yelled, “I don’t know anything!”

“Aww, don’t be so petty now. Didn’t you say you were going to take me with you till the end?” Jian Qi smiled deviously. “Instructor Lu, a man must own up to his own words!”

“Do not talk to me from now on!” Lu Yao yelled.

“Instructor Lu, you must learn to keep calm, you know. Acting this way will only make people think that you have something to cover up!”

Jian Qi smiled calmly.

Lu Yao. “…”


Only she would have this kind of feeling!

Jian Qi felt that the only advantage of finding Lu Yao was that she would never be bored in these three days’ time.

She could tease him when she was bored and it would be pretty fun!

They stopped at a spot to rest after walking for half an hour, and just when they found the spot they heard a gunshot near them!

They both stopped at pretty much the same time!

“Sounds like our teammates have been attacked!” Jian Qi said.

“Let’s go take a look!” Lu Yao then ran toward the gunshot.

Jian Qi followed him even though she did not really care.

Soon, they reached a spot ahead of them.

There were two hunters after two of their teammates under the moonlight.

One of them had fallen down on the ground, and just when the other one wanted to pull him up, he was shot by a hunter from behind!

Jian Qi and Lu Yao were lying belly-down on the patches of grass in a distance with their sniper guns aimed at those two hunters.

“Should we save them? It seems like one of them has sprained his ankle,” Jian Qi asked.

“He’s our teammate, of course we have to save him!”

Lu Yao said without any hesitation.

Jian Qi had no comment.

The hunters withdrew their guns when they saw the guy falling to the ground. “We killed two more!”

“This is easy!” the other hunter laughed.

Just when he said so, two bullets went zipping toward them and hit them both.

Blue smoke fumed up and the two of them were stunned!

That was such a quick takedown!

Jian Qi and Lu Yao walked out and the four of them stared at each other. The hunters gritted their teeth when they saw Jian Qi and Lu Yao.

“How dare the two of you steal supplies!”

Lu Yao went to help their teammates who had fallen earlier on. Jian Qi smiled at them. “Hey Brothers, you’re both dead. Take off your clothes!”

“What?” The hunters hugged themselves instantly.

Jian Qi. “…”

Did it look like she was going to sexually harass them?

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