Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 159 - Aren’t You the One Who Wanted to Challenge Her One-on-One?
Chapter 159: Aren’t You the One Who Wanted to Challenge Her One-on-One?

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“But I don’t want to give up!” Mu Zi was anxious.

Jian Qi squatted down and looked at Mu Zi’s ankle, frowning at the sight of it.

She looked at Mu Zi who was in such a difficult spot, she did not understand why she wanted to keep going but she knew that if it were her, she would not want to give up either!

“Rest for a while!” Jian Qi said to her.

Half an hour later, Jian Qi looked at the other two people and said, “We cannot stay at this location for too long. Give me your signalling devices, I’ll go run around. Instructor Lu, you’ll protect Mu Zi.”

Since they had saved her, they could not just leave her behind.

Lu Yao thought about it for a while and he nodded.

He was not too worried about Jian Qi. However, he was worried about Mu Zi.

He was afraid that if anything were to happen, she won’t be able to run or else she might lose her leg!

Jian Qi took their signalling devices and left the spot. Mu Zi felt rather apologetic as she said, “Instructor Lu, I’m sorry for troubling you guys.”

“You’re my teammate. It’s my duty to care for my teammates. How can you say that.” Lu Yao smiled at her. “Rest up for now. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine!”

Mu Zi nodded, she looked toward the direction Jian Qi went toward. “Will Jian Qi be fine?”

“She will.” Lu Yao was confident.

“I was quite surprised that Jian Qi decided to help you.”

Mu Zi was stunned momentarily. She then realized what he was saying and smiled. “Jian Qi is actually a very nice person. Even though she seems cynical, she does remember the good in everyone.”

“You speak highly of her!”

“You’ll come to realize it soon, Instructor,” Mu Zi smiled rather brightly, it was obvious that she admired Jian Qi quite a lot.


Even though the sky was getting brighter, there were still pros and cons for the teammates that were in hiding.

After all, they could quickly tell if there were any hunters approaching them. However, if they were to meet with a sniper they would die with just one shot!

Feng Yi and Lightning were walking in the woods.

Feng Yi could not stand it anymore and he said, “What’s wrong with you? You haven’t said a single word the whole night!”

Lightning glared at him and snorted coldly. “What do you think?”

“What do you mean?” Feng Yi smiled. “Why are you acting like a woman all of a sudden!”

Lightning observed their surroundings and continued on, “The sky is already bright and we are still unable to find anyone!”

“That only means that they are good at hiding!” Feng Yi replied calmly.

Lightning felt like eliminating him first!

“Feng Yi, do you know what kind of guys girls like nowadays?” Lightning smiled and asked.

“A boy as handsome as me!”

Lightning. “…yes, handsome. But you and handsome don’t go hand in hand!”

“I used to be the most handsome one in school, okay!” Feng Yi strongly refuted him for doubting him.

Lightning wanted to laugh at what he said, the guy was truly thick-skinned.

“Most handsome? Then what about our Boss?”

Feng Yi snorted.

“Feng Yi, you must understand that girls would not like someone that is weaker than them. It’s true!” Lightning was very sincere. “Think about it, now that you can’t even find your own goddess, how can you pursue her in the future?

“Not only that, your goddess even told you that if you were able to find her, you can take her on one-on-one. How can you face her if you can’t even accomplish that?”

“Aren’t you the one who wanted to challenge her one-on-one?” Feng Yi asked him coldly.

Lightning. “…”

‘Damn it, I want to kill you!’

Feng Yi scoffed frostily. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you are up to. But you have a point, so, let’s go. We shall show my goddess that the Special Fire Team’s warriors are not vegetarians!”

Lightning was satisfied!

Finally the guy was determined!

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