Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 18
Chapter 18: Seduction Didn’t Work?!

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Jian Qi was about to continue speaking before someone knocked on the door. “Is someone in there? Open the door!”

“Coming!” Jian Qi replied, smiling provokingly at the arm that Tang Jinyu raised.

“Oh, someone’s here. Do you think you would be kicked out from the crew if I shouted right now?”

Tang Jinyu’s expression was terrible, almost moving to strangle the lady that was under him to death.

“Aren’t you an artist? Aren’t you afraid that I would destroy your reputation by saying that you seduced me instead?”

Jian Qi only smiled thuggishly at the threat and caressed his face that had been made up to look more tan.

As expected, Tang Jinyu’s expression darkened even further.

“Why don’t you try? I wouldn’t mind!”

Jian Qi smirked and hooked her arm around his neck, pulling him closer and smiled as if she was teasing an honest man. “The word seduction isn’t used like that!”

She slightly raised her head and leaned in to press her lips close to his ears, huffing warm air into his ear with a special feeling.

Fatally alluring, and undoubtedly seductive.

Tang Jinyu’s eyebrows knit slightly as his gaze met with Jian Qi’s gaze that looked as if they could suck out his soul. She had a pair of good looking eyes, crystal clear but not betraying any of her genuine emotions, with an allure that trapped attention like quicksand.

Tang Jinyu’s eyebrows knitted even more.

Then he raised his head and swung it forward with all his might.


The duo’s heads bumped into each other hard.

“The heck!!!”

This was her second time cursing, her head dropping onto the floor as she saw stars!

She raised her hand to cover her forehead, huffing internally.

Was this man a monster?

Seduction didn’t work!!!

Was he gay?!

Also, was there something wrong with his head?

Wouldn’t it have sufficed to push her away? What kind of madman would bash their heads together like that? Did he not know pain?

After taking some time to recover, she looked at the man that had already stood up and was gazing at her coldly, her aura not weakening a bit. “If you don’t think I’m cut out for it, I can recommend Coco to you!”

Tang Jinyu had sent Feng Yi to investigate her, so he had a thorough understanding of her background. He knew that her manager Coco was a man, so this exclamation from the latter made him even angrier.

As the person outside knocked on the door again, he warned, “You better act like you don’t know me, or else I’m going to have to deal with you!”

After saying so, he picked up the costumes scattered on the floor and directly walked out.

The crew member that was outside glanced at Tang Jinyu, and reminded him upon seeing that he was carrying clothes, “Xiao Tang, it’s Mr. Qiao’s turn to act later so please help inform him.”

Tang Jinyu nodded in confirmation and left.

The crew member pursed his lips, seeing how unfriendly Tang Jinyu was and turned his attention to Jian Qi who was on the floor.

“Miss Jian, why are you sitting on the floor?”

After saying so, he moved to help her up.

Jian Qi was still somewhat dizzy, was that man’s head made from steel?

Jian Qi rubbed her forehead and said calmly to the crew member, “It’s cooler on the floor.”

The crew member: “…”

Was she joking?

Seeing Jian Qi return, Coco came up to her. “What’s wrong? Nausea? Not feeling good?”

“No…” Jian Qi sat down, rubbing her swollen forehead as she smiled. “Coco, I think this shoot won’t go very well.”

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