Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 20
Chapter 20: Who is She?

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The fact that Jian Qi admired Acting Emperor Qiao was not a secret in the industry. After all, when she won the best new artist awards, she already said that her idol was Qiao Bo.

Whenever Qiao Bo featured in a movie, Jian Qi would always help promote it on her Weibo.

This series was his comeback to drama after a long period of just featuring on the silver screen, and apparently, it was tailored for him.

Coco saw her gaze on Qiao Bo, and he was convinced that she chose this role because of him!

She was already a ‘senior’ in the industry, why was she still fangirling like those other teenage girls?

“Baby, take care of your image!” Coco couldn’t help but remind her.

Jian Qi smiled, knowing that Coco got the wrong idea. She didn’t try to clear his assumptions; however, only smiling in amusement.

Tang Jinyu felt a burning gaze on him, and he looked around and met his gaze with Jian Qi, furrowing his brows unnoticeably.

Then he scoffed coldly and gave her a warning look.

Jian Qi smiled wickedly and waved her hand in his direction. “Hi…”

Tang Jinyu’s facade crumbled and was about to cut her off before her gaze turned to Qiao Bo who was next to him. “Acting Emperor Qiao…”

Qiao Bo only nodded coldly in response.

Sitting down at his seat, Qiao Bo asked his manager, “Who was she?”

“An artist under Starshooter Entertainment, a fan of yours if I’m not mistaken,” the manager replied.

Qiao Bo’s cold demeanor was well known in the industry, so not a lot of people chose to greet him. When Jian Qi greeted him, everyone looked at the scene like they were about to witness something funny.

Without betraying their expectations, Qiao Bo only hastily nodded his head and left, making their gazes even more mocking.

Coco was about to comfort Jian Qi before stopping himself at her cold demeanor.

She looked like she was happy from the events instead of sad.

“You should take care of your image.” Coco reminded one last time.”Now let’s go get you made up!”

The moment they stepped into the makeup room, they came face to face with Ren Ranran.

Ren Ranran had become somewhat arrogant after her recent rise in popularity, and even her words seemed snobbish. “Some people bring the smell of dumpsters wherever they go.”

As she said so, she took a bottle of perfume and sprayed it around her, then spraying it endlessly at Jian Qi, who was on her right.

Coco was unpleased and blocked Jian Qi from being sprayed with perfume. “Ren Ranran, don’t be too full of yourself!”

“How am I full of myself? Is it bad to spray some perfume? Is this your private makeup room?” Ren Ranran provoked as she continued to spray perfume in their direction.

Jian Qi smiled coldly, and if one looked closely, they would see the frigid anger that was seething beneath her facade.

She took a lighter and lit a cotton swab on fire, smiling as she looked at the burning cotton swab with a bloodthirsty gaze.

“Miss Jian, let’s start with your makeup,” said the makeup artist, coming over in her direction.

Jian Qi nodded and offhandedly threw the cotton swab in her hand towards Ren Ranran, who was still obnoxiously spraying perfume.

A pillar of fire burst up in front of Ren Ranran, giving her quite the fright and causing her to fall from her chair onto the floor.

The surrounding people were also shocked, moving to help put out the fire.

The source of the fire wasn’t significant, so it didn’t cause any damages. The only thing that was burned was Ren Ranran’s wig.

As the people put out the fire, Ren Ranran sat on the floor in a daze, a little out of it from the sudden shock.

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