Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 21
Chapter 21: I Burn Anything I Don’t Like!

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Ren Ranran’s hair that had just been styled painstakingly was fried, releasing a slightly charred smell. Her assistant helped her up. “Miss Ren, are you okay?”

Ren Ranran took a while to recover her spirits, sitting there dazed before coming back to her senses and checking her face in the mirror.

Thankfully, her face was unscathed.

Thinking of the culprit, she glared at Jian Qi and shouted, “Don’t you know that it’s dangerous?”

Jian Qi only fixed her with a stare, her hand reaching for another cotton swab while the other lit it up. She then waved the burning cotton swab around in front of her slowly, her gaze still on the former.

The movement was wickedly enchanting, and the unspoken threat chilled to the bone.

Everyone was shocked at the sheer pressure that Jian Qi exuded in the room.

Since when did this little lady have such a strong aura?

Coco was shaken to his core as he thought he understood Jian Qi the most.

Even though Jian Qi had been in the industry for a decade, the most she had ever done was lose her temper once in a while from stress. To him, it was just a little girl releasing her emotions, all bark and no bite.

But now he was shocked. It was as if it weren’t the girl that could be quickly be taken advantage of in the past, but a deadly and bloodthirsty knife that could take a person’s life instead!

Jian Qi’s aura was too strong, and especially the way she was waving the flaming cotton bud around right now made Ren Ranran fear that she would throw it directly at her this time.

It was a blood-chilling feeling.

Everyone’s gaze couldn’t help but get attracted to the cotton swab flickering with flames in Jian Qi’s hand while the culprit herself smiled wickedly at Ren Ranran, who was gulping in fear.

Ren Ranran couldn’t help but back off even more at being stared at like that.

“W-What do you want?”Ren Ranran asked, her originally snobbish demeanor shifting to one of fright.

Jian Qi smirked, and continued, “I don’t like this cotton swab, so I burned it.”

She didn’t even bother to hide the malice behind her threatening words!

Ren Ranran pursed her lips as she looked at the girl in front of her. Even though she was smiling, but she couldn’t help the chill that ran down her spine upon seeing it.

As if this was the first time she understood this person.

This was a dangerous, arrogant, and scarily strong woman!

The entire dressing room was plunged into an eerie silence, once again chilled by Jian Qi.

“The shoot is going to start, so come out quickly! Hurry up with the makeup!” The crew member shouted from outside the door.

The crewman’s words snapped everyone back to reality, and they left the makeup room swiftly.

Ren Ranran feigned a huff and retreated to a seat that was further away to fix her makeup.

Jian Qi’s smile became even wider as she looked at the burning cotton swab.

Coco quickly snatched the cotton swab and threw it into the trashcan.

Jian Qi smiled and played with the lighter in her hands. “Why are you so nervous? This little bit of fire can’t even burn you.”

“Where did you get this lighter from?” Coco furrowed his brows. “Why does that look like mine?”

“It is!” Jian Qi replied nonchalantly.

Coco patted his pockets, not feeling his lighter.

“When did you take it?” Coco quickly snatched away the lighter and checked if there was anything wrong with it.

Seeing his reaction, Jian Qi couldn’t help but tease. “Which one of your boyfriends gave it to you? Is it that precious to you?”

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