Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 22
Chapter 22: I’ll Make You Proud!

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“Nonsense!” Coco glared at Jian Qi, but she could sense the unnatural flash in his eyes.

“Coco, don’t you think that this black lighter doesn’t fit your aesthetic?” Jian Qi smiled mischievously.

Coco glared at her. “Shut it!”

“Help Jian Qi do her makeup quickly…”

The makeup artist giggled and nodded.

“Coco, what’s wrong?” Jian Qi teased again. “Was I right?”

Jian Qi looked at Coco, who was getting caught in his thoughts, and smiled, before shutting her eyes and letting the makeup artist do her makeup.

The door opened, and Jian Qi came out with her costume.

She wore a purple cheongsam which accentuated her long and slender legs and makeup, which was designed to make her look mature and alluring. A few stray strands of hair on her forehead added a special allure to her.

Jian Qi’s features were beautiful, and even though her acting ability wasn’t especially strong, she always had a special aura to her that made her acting pleasing to the eye. She also had years of experience, so she was considered one of the more talented actors of her age range.

But her beautiful appearance and soft-spoken attitude along with her lack of presence and similar characters gave everyone the impression that she was just a pretty face!

But now, in this new costume, they were all astonished.

“Beautiful!” Coco praised happily.

Jian Qi smirked, her aura confident and seductive, and for a moment, Coco felt that the character was tailor-made for Jian Qi.

Or at least a character designed with Jian Qi in mind.

Seeing Coco’s stunned reaction, Jian Qi smiled in satisfaction and said, “Come on, I’ll make you proud!”

As the two left the makeup room, they were met with several jealous and stunned stares.

Jian Qi didn’t mind, while Coco puffed his chest with pride as if he was proud of his daughter!

Ren Ranran was acting her part now, and her manager who wasn’t present at the earlier scene walked over to Coco and Jian Qi, sweeping her gaze over them and snorting mockingly.

“Coco, why are you still looking after this pretty face who doesn’t have a future? Why are you so hung up on her? Well, I mean, with your ability, you probably couldn’t do any better! Or else you wouldn’t just be stuck with a bunch of newbies!”

The woman didn’t hold back whatsoever on mocking him.

Of course, Coco only smiled at this because he was already used to it.

Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow and fixed the woman with a cold glare.

Coco held her gently, not wanting her to do anything brash.

A lot of artists that Coco helped become famous requested that he become their manager, but he had always refused because he didn’t want to give Jian Qi up.

Jian Qi knew better than anyone that Coco treated her the best.

So she wouldn’t let anyone bully him!

“Get ready!” said a crew member using a megaphone.

Coco quickly herded Jian Qi in the direction of the shoot. He was already used to being mocked like that anyway.

He decided it would be better to avoid conflict altogether, seeing how irritable Jian Qi was lately.

As he was doing so, however, Ren Ranran’s manager stuck out her leg in an attempt to trip Jian Qi.

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