Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 23
Chapter 23: Who Gave You the Courage to Bully What’s Mine?

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Jian Qi smirked and acted like she didn’t see it. Lifting her leg and stepping on the manager’s leg with the heel of her high heeled shoe, she made the woman screech in pain and fall onto the ground.

“Oh, it seems like someone’s lost their footing.” Jian Qi looked down on the manager with an elegant but mocking smile. “Who gave you the courage to bully what’s mine?”

Her arrogant attitude angered the manager, but she couldn’t even say a word due to the pain.

Coco saw this and quickly pulled Jian Qi away from the scene.

“Let’s not stand out too much…”

“Oh, alright.”

Jian Qi had already been holding back. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was looking out for Coco, that woman would have already been on her way to the hospital!

The upcoming scene that Jian Qi was about to act out was the scene where her character, Lady Kao, fell in love with the protagonist at first sight.

“Action!” Directed the director using a megaphone.

Qiao Bo acted as the protagonist, donning a black suit and a fedora as he walked into the Divine Beauty Club. The entire foyer was filled with the hustle and bustle of people, while Qiao Bo made his way through the crowd swiftly as a group of men in black entered the building hot on his trail.

Just as they were about to chase down Qiao Bo, the singing stopped, and everyone quieted down.

Around the corner of the hallway came Jian Qi. Like a portrait come to life, every move and flicker of her gaze attracted the attention of everyone in the room as she walked into the fray with a strong aura.

Then, she leaned her shoulder against the wall and quirked an eyebrow at the scene, her aura both seductive yet giving the impression that she couldn’t be touched.

The aura of everyone on set locked onto her immediately.

Tang Jinyu’s gaze fell onto her smile, which was both proud and even holding some disdain for everyone. Even though she was in the red light district, her aura and disposition made it so that she didn’t quite belong there.

But at the same time, the natural allure that she had was fitting of her current identity.

From the information that Feng Yi had given to him, Jian Qi’s acting was mediocre. Even though she had been in the industry for a decade now, she had always been acting as supporting or side characters, and so she was well known as just a pretty face!

In other words, this woman was a thousand-year side character!

But now it seemed that he had been given the wrong information.

If her acting was mediocre, then what were those other actors that acted before this doing?

Were they playing make-believe?

Jian Qi stood at a high vantage point as her gaze met with Qiao Bo’s.

It is said that love at first sight is like a firework blooming in the darkness. A gaze was all it took for her to fall!

Happiness, admiration, shyness, nervousness, possessiveness…All these emotions were hidden in her gaze, only showing hints of her infatuation in the depths of her eyes.

Too many emotions flickered in her eyes in a split second, conveying the character perfectly.

After their gazes met for a fleeting moment, Qiao Bo left.

Seeing the group of men that were following after Qiao Bo, Jian Qi’s gaze flickered with worry as she put on a facade, smiling at the crowd downstairs.

“Cut!” The director said with satisfaction. “Pass!”

Coco finally reacted and quickly made his way over, praising. “Baby, you gave me a surprise there!”

Ren Ranran and her manager, who were waiting to see Jian Qi get humiliated, both frowned.

They didn’t expect Jian Qi, who had always been taking airheaded roles, to excel in acting out such a complex character!

Jian Qi’s gaze fell on them both, and she smiled provocatively, her smile arrogant and confident as she emanated a strong aura!

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