Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 24
Chapter 24: Unfairly Handsome Assistant

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“Lady Kao…” A mellow but cold voice cut into the strange atmosphere between the two groups.

Everyone looked over.

Ren Ranran quickly adjusted her attire and put on a coy expression for Acting Emperor Qiao.

Suddenly putting on a facade of being dainty and adorable, she greeted him: “Qiao-”

“Lady Kao, I want to discuss our upcoming scenes together if your schedule allows it?”

Ren Ranran had barely spoken before Qiao Bo cut her off, completely ignoring her.

The word awkward wasn’t even enough to describe Ren Ranran’s expression anymore.

Jian Qi smiled. What a cold man!

Wait…Lady Kao?!

Did he call her by the name of her role because he didn’t know her actual name?

However, Jian Qi didn’t mind, so she smiled. “Was there something wrong with my performance earlier? Should we do a retake?”

Jian Qi’s words made Ren Ranran and her manager smile, and as they were about to mock Jian Qi again for being so full of herself when her acting was so bad, they saw Qiao Bo shake his head. “No, your performance just now was quite good…Lady Kao is quite good at characterization.”

This was the first time Qiao Bo praised someone’s acting ability. He was a cool person after all, and so he never tended to praise people in public. Even when reporters asked him, he only cursorily praised the person asked about.

Praising that she was good at characterization was probably the best praise Qiao Bo could give someone in his book.

Ren Ranran and her manager’s expressions crumbled immediately.

Coco didn’t even bother squabbling with them anymore.

Qiao Bo’s praise smacked them both in the face, so why say any more?

Ren Ranran’s manager pulled her away, not wanting Qiao Bo to have a bad impression of her.

But they were still jealous that Qiao Bo came up to Jian Qi to discuss.

Jian Qi didn’t react much, but Coco was very excited.

That being said, he was worried that the girl would do some strange things to her idol and give the reporters fodder to write about in their tabloids.

Meanwhile, the surrounding reporters were looking at them like predators ready to pounce.

Jian Qi didn’t have much interest in Qiao Bo. Her attention was attracted to the assistant who was wearing a denim shirt and helping to hold Qiao Bo’s cup at one side.

Tang Jinyu avoided her gaze, his cold aura even stronger than Qiao Bo’s

Qiao Bo noticed her gaze and asked curiously, “Do you know my assistant, Lady Kao?”

Jian Qi smiled teasingly. “I don’t! I just thought it’s interesting that even an assistant of yours is so unfairly handsome, Acting Emperor Qiao. Are you going to help him debut any time soon?”

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