Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 25
Chapter 25: Xiao Tang? You’re Not Small, Though!

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Qiao Bo looked at Tang Jinyu, somewhat surprised himself now that he thought of it.

Tang Jinyu was too handsome, and his aura was so strong that even though he wore cheap clothing, it was hard to completely mask his aristocratic upbringing.

But he was quite good at disguising himself.

Other than his unfairly handsome face, she couldn’t see any sign of him being like a soldier.

He was just like a regular crew member who spent all his time helping out at film sites.

He was so good at disguising himself that Jian Qi almost believed that being a soldier was just his side job!

This man was a professional!

It wasn’t a feat that could be achieved by any average person.

If it weren’t for the gunfight that day, Jian Qi would have wholly believed that he was just a random assistant!

Tang Jinyu made a bashful expression upon being stared at, appropriate to his character.

“What’s your name?” Jian Qi smiled teasingly.

Tang JInyu didn’t want to answer her question, but replied out of obligation. “Ms. Jian can just call me Xiao Tang.”

“Xiao Tang? You’re not small, though!” Jian Qi smirked suggestively, her words like those of a gangster.

She was openly harassing him!

Coco couldn’t help but facepalm. Baby, aren’t you a girl???

You’re a girl!!!

Isn’t this sexual harassment?

Jian Qi, you’re looking awfully like a female gangster right now!

Everyone was a little bewildered by the scene and Coco was pulling his hair out, wanting to try and rescue Jian Qi’s soft-spoken and sweet demeanor.

Then he heard her speak again. “You look much bigger than I am, wouldn’t it be impolite to call you Xiao Tang?”

Coco breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at her pure smile.

But why did he feel like she was mocking everyone for being dirty-minded?

Tang Jinyu huffed coldly, knowing full well what went through everyone’s mind at that moment.

“What’s your name?” Jian Qi asked again with a brighter smile on her face.

But somehow, her smile gave the impression of a gangster who had set their sights on a poor honest man.

Coco wanted to drag her away. It was the first time he felt embarrassed to be around her!

Why didn’t she tease Qiao Bo but his assistant instead?!

Coco couldn’t help but give Tang Jinyu a once over, and hmm…this man was a little more handsome than Qiao Bo.

Jian Qi, you’ve changed. Didn’t you say that you appreciate talent and ability more than appearance?

When did you become so superficial?!

And in front of your idol too!

Tang Jinyu stared at her for a while and furrowed his brow slightly before replying, “Tang Yi.”

Jian Qi smirked. Tang Yi?

This man was terrible at naming. It was obviously fake!

“Little Tang Tang, why don’t you be my assistant?” Jian Qi smiled and moved closer to him.

Tang Jinyu only turned over to Qiao Bo. “Mr. Qiao, I’ll go prepare your costume for later.”

Qiao Bo nodded.

After Tang Jinyu left, Jian Qi’s attention finally returned to Qiao Bo.

“You said that you wanted to discuss our scenes?”

Qiao Bo nodded calmly.

So she still remembered it!

“Alright, come on now!” Jian Qi said, turning around and walking over to a spare seat.

Qiao Bo looked at his manager and asked, “You said she was my fan?”

The manager was dumbstruck.

Perhaps she is a hater who is ignoring you on purpose…

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