Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 26
Chapter 26: Is He Your Comrade?

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As the main character, Qiao Bo had a lot of scenes with the main female character. Everyone felt that he was strange for discussing scenes with a supporting role instead.

Especially the main actress that was sitting close by.

The main actress was currently one of the most famous faces in the industry.

When she saw this scene, her expression twisted visibly. Wasn’t it equivalent to smacking her in the face?

In this complicated industry, there were lots of unspoken rules and cues. Jian Qi wouldn’t be ignorant of this after being in the scene for so many years!

What she was doing now was offending her on purpose!

Ren Ranran saw all this and smirked, calling her manager and whispering to her.

The manager nodded and left.

Ren Ranran’s gaze fell onto Jian Qi again.

Jian Qi, let’s see how long you can last!

Qiao Bo didn’t discuss with Jian Qi for long. He had more scenes to shoot after all.

After Qiao Bo left, Coco fixed a perplexed gaze upon Jian Qi. “Something’s different about you.”

“Did I become prettier?”

Coco stared at her and asked, “Do you not like Qiao Bo anymore?”

Seeing Coco’s questioning gaze, Jian Qi only smiled. “I like anyone as long as they’re handsome!”

Coco immediately put on a stern expression and accused, “So you do like that assistant!”

Jian Qi smirked before looking at Coco with a meaningful gaze. “I like you…:

Coco was stunned once again.

Seeing this, Jian Qi smiled and got up from the chair, throwing the script to Coco. “I’m going to the ladies’ room!”

As she left, Coco finally returned to his senses and clasped his hands over his chest, cursing internally.

His heartbeat sped up just now!

This little lady teased him!

But still, he couldn’t help the smile that made its way onto his face.

What a brat.


Jian Qi made her way over to the makeup room and saw Tang Jinyu speaking with another man. Tang Jinyu’s back was turned away from Jian Qi, so she could only see the face of the man he was talking to.

The man looked a little shaggy, and his clothes were dirty and grimy like he hadn’t changed in days. He looked like another average crew member.

When Jian Qi noticed them, the man immediately noticed her as well.

Whether it was out of sheer coincidence or due to caution, it was hard to say.

The man said something, and Tang Jinyu turned over to Jian Qi’s direction.

Seeing her, he couldn’t help but frown.

As if seeing her was already a great pain.

Jian Qi leaned on a nearby seat, crossing her arms before her chest and asking, “What’s the situation here, Little Tang Tang?”

The way she addressed him made the other man looked at her with an alarmed gaze. Then, as he looked at Tang Jinyu’s expression that had become dark as night, he thought that it would be best to leave the scene while he could.

“I’ll go first,” the man said and left quickly.

Tang Jinyu walked over to her and commanded with a warning tone, “Don’t ignore what I said earlier!”

“Little Tang Tang, is he your comrade?”

She had just finished her sentence before Tang Jinyu pulled her away to another spot.

It was an abandoned room that was dimly lit and as soon as they entered the room, he cornered him again.

Tang Jinyu was seething with a cold fury as he looked at her.

“Did you think that I was kidding with you?”

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