Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 28
Chapter 28: You Actually Like Me, Don’t You?

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Tang Jinyu paused for a second to think this question over, and Jian Qi took the chance to direct the camera towards the couple. She had only recorded one second before her arm was pulled back by him, so the recorded video was blurry.

“We were forced to hide here so it couldn’t be helped, but by recording, you are violating their privacy on purpose!” Tang Jinyu warned.

Jian Qi smiled and decided to record their voices instead.

She opened the recorder and placed it to one side discreetly.

Tang Jinyu noticed her little movements and commanded her, “Close it!”

Jian Qi couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Did he have to be so stubborn?

Checking the time recorded, she thought that it was enough. These sounds were painful to hear anyway!

Jian Qi locked her phone, while Tang Jinyu furrowed his brows. “Delete it!”

“…Okay, I’ll delete it!” She then deleted it and showed him so.

For her, it was a piece of cake to recover the audio!

It was only natural for her to have the skillset to do so as a spy!

“Aren’t I good?” Jian Qi winked and smiled innocently, but her mature makeup made her look mischievous!

Tang Jinyu only huffed and ignored her.

As the sex sounds continued, Jian Qi peeked over the cabinet again, only to be pulled back by Tang Jinyu again.

Looking at his dark expression, she explained, “I’m not going to record!”

“What are you doing?”

“Of course I’m not going to miss out on this live show. I think you should learn some things from them! You have no experience, after all. Your partner is going to look down on you!”

Jian Qi advised him with a concerned look, even starting to pat his shoulder comfortingly.

“Stop it!” Tang Jinyu warned again as he pressed Jian Qi’s shoulder and pinned her waist down, making the small space seem even more cramped.

To prevent Jian Qi from continuing to move, he didn’t notice that this action of his was somewhat inappropriate.

Jian Qi quirked an eyebrow in interest. This man was taking advantage of her!

That being said, Jian Qi knew that this man definitely had no dirty thoughts about her whatsoever. After all, he otherwise wouldn’t discuss this problem with her seriously and persuade her not to record upon being met with this scene!

“Is it a custom for your unit to hold and touch women like this?” Jian Qi smirked and fixed him with a teasing gaze, the action giving her an even more wicked aura.

Just like a little witch!

Tang Jinyu finally reacted and retracted his hand that was on her hips. He pressed her down by her shoulders instead.

Jian Qi was astounded.

“You like me, don’t you?”

Jian Qi smiled wickedly. “So you’ve hidden me here on purpose! If you didn’t, you could’ve faced them head-on! But you’ve chosen to hide us here and listen to them have sex while you get all touchy with me…”

Tang Jinyu inhaled deeply. If it wasn’t because of the couple near the entrance, he would have thrown her out!

“You’re delusional!” he said with a dark expression.

Jian Qi supported her head with an arm as she looked at him. “I’m so beautiful that everyone who sees me likes me, and even flowers bloom when I walk by. If you don’t like me, are you gay?”

Tang Jinyu was dumbstruck.

He wanted to slap her so badly!

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