Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 30
Chapter 30: Jian Qi, Get Ready to Be Crippled!

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“He’s the producer of this drama! Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.”

At that moment, someone shouted for the producer, and he shouted back: “I’m coming!”

This voice!

So she wasn’t mistaken!

As the producer left, Ren Ranran and Jian Qi’s gazes met again, and she gave Jian Qi a scornful look. It was as if she were at the top of the world.

Coco shook his head. “She’s let the fame get to her head. She probably doesn’t remember what she was like anymore!”

Jian Qi only nodded in response. After all, how many people in the industry could boast to still be true to themselves?

Jian Qi originally had two scenes scheduled for the afternoon, but they were somehow pushed back to later in the day. Jian Qi fell asleep on her seat, and even though Coco wanted to accompany her, he never expected the delay to be so long.

He had two other artists under his management, and one of them required his presence and needed him to be there to negotiate.

“Go on! I’ll get back to the hotel by myself later!”

“Don’t stand out too much and don’t fight with Ren Ranran. If she says anything, think of it like a fart! Most importantly, don’t drool after any more men while I’m gone!” Coco couldn’t help but nag, not wanting her to get into any more trouble now that her personality had changed so much.

“I know, don’t worry!” Jian Qi waved dismissively, letting him leave.

Coco left behind an assistant so that they could contact him if there were any trouble. Seeing them leave, Jian Qi took out a blanket and covered herself.

Ren Ranran, who saw that Coco had left, smirked and sent a message on her phone.

“Alright, let’s go onto the next scene!” the director directed.

After all the lights and cameras were set up well, the director spoke using a megaphone while Jian Qi came onto the set.

This was the second time Jian Qi’s character was meeting with the protagonist at the Divine Beauty Club. Qiao Bo’s character was in trouble, and Lady Kao fought with the people who were chasing him down and sent him safely to the female lead.

This scene was significantly focused on fighting.

This afternoon, the martial arts director only gave her some advice because he had more people to teach.

The supporting actors in this scene were all martial artists, so Jian Qi didn’t have to do much but allow the others to fall accordingly with her faux movements. It didn’t matter if she hit them; it would only serve to make the scene more realistic.

Jian Qi nodded. She thought that she should hold back in the scene later.

After all, it was only acting!

The Divine Beauty Club was still in such a hustle and bustle as always, and at this moment, Qiao Bo, who was wearing his black suit, stumbled in as he held onto his wound.

Jian Qi, who was making her way through the crowd, saw this and her eyes flashed with surprise and later worry as she saw his condition. She quickly greeted her quests and made her way towards Qiao Bo.

Qiao Bo pushed her away, his gaze filled with caution and malice. “Don’t touch me.”

Jian Qi smiled seductively. “Sir, I think you might be drunk. Let’s go to the second floor to rest, shall we?”

Then, she leaned closer and let some of her worry show. “Follow me, please.”

Qiao Bo didn’t refuse, still deciding whether the woman in front of him was friend or foe.

And without him noticing, they had already made their way to the second floor.

She pushed her in gently and said warmly. “Stay here. They’ll be gone before you know it.

Jian Qi left and entered the neighboring room, taking out a black costume from the closet and changing her clothes quickly as if she had trained for it for an extended period of time. The entire process only took around ten seconds!

Everyone on the set was also shocked by her speed.

Opening the door, the bunch of grunts had already made it to the bottom of the stairs.

These were stunt doubles and martial artists that all had basic martial art ability!

Seeing this scene, Ren Ranran couldn’t help the excited smile that made it onto her face.

Jian Qi, get ready to be crippled!

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