Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 31
Chapter 31: I Want to See Her Drown in Hate Comments!

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Jian Qi lifted her leg and kicked at the first person. Her movements were clean, quick, and precise, and when the kick landed, she held back a little. The martial artist reacted well to it even though it still somewhat hurt, and so the entire scene looked realistic!

Jian Qi’s movements were fluid, and it looked like a piece of cake for her to defeat everyone. The martial arts director, who was standing beside, was shocked that she understood so quickly.

He only gave her some advice, and she was able to do so well?

To everyone, the scene that Jian Qi was shooting looked like a real fighting scene without any signs of acting.

That cold aura, and every kick, hit and flip…Each one of her movements burst with pheromones as she resolved the trouble without much trouble like a general faced with ordinary soldiers.

Two of the martial artists got up from the ground and looked at each other in confirmation before they attacked Jian Qi.

One of them punched her with no mercy.

As Jian Qi retreated, another one grabbed a nearby stool and swung it in her direction.

Jian Qi dodged the stool, and it hit a nearby fence, breaking the fence as it hit it, but the stool was unharmed.

Jian Qi knew something was wrong!

The chairs and stools on set were all supposed to be specially processed to break and shatter upon the slightest impact, but this stool didn’t even break even when it was bashed into the fence with enough impact to break it.

It was apparent that this stool wasn’t processed!

The two actors were shocked that Jian Qi reacted quickly enough to dodge their simultaneous attacks.

The two of them glanced at Ren Ranran, who was watching behind the camera, and she was giving them a disappointed stare as if she was blaming them for not doing their job right.

Jian Qi, who was already confused by why the martial artists were attacking her seriously, caught this quick exchange of glances.

She scoffed inwardly. That woman wanted to beat her up on set!

As the two resumed their attack, Jian Qi’s gaze became filled with malice, her aura becoming bloodthirsty and dark.

She lifted her legs and flipped around, kicking one of the martial artists hard enough to send him flying.

She didn’t hold back anymore and exuded the aura of an assassin that had been in the shadows for all her life.

This bloodthirsty and dark aura was as if it was etched into her bones!

Before the other martial artist could react, she kicked at him and sent him skidding over the floor, finally stopping in front of Ren Ranran.

Ren Ranran’s devious expression crumpled. Jian Qi was giving her a warning!

The two martial artists pressed their hands over the place they were hit by Jian Qi, hissing in pain.

Evidently, they didn’t expect her to be so strong.

They couldn’t even hurt a hair on her!

“Cut!” After the last person was beaten up, the directors shouted. “Pass!”

A pass in one take again—no one could find any fault in her acting!

Even though the two of them were hurt, but no one was any wiser. Everyone in the crew only thought that the martial artists performed well and fell realistically!

“Prepare for the next scene!” the director shouted in satisfaction.

A lot of people were waiting to see a joke, but her performance was impeccable!

Ren Ranran glared at Jian Qi in contempt.

Those two useless buffoons couldn’t even deal with a girl!

Tang Jinyu stood at one side and came back just as Jian Qi started shooting the fighting scene.

At this moment, his expression grew darker upon seeing her performance.

This woman was completely different from what he had been told based on the information Feng Yi had given him!

It seemed that rumors could truly not be trusted!

In the upcoming shoot, Jian Qi also passed in one go. She nailed every act that she did, from reluctance to send away the protagonist, or the relief when she found out he was safe, or even the hope to meet him again.

Returning to the Divine Beauty Club, she killed all the people that chased down the protagonists in cold blood, and this cruelty and decisiveness made a chill run down everyone’s spines.

She portrayed the sharp contrast between the two sides of the character perfectly.

“Cut, pass!” the director shouted.

Everyone’s gaze on her changed. After all, just from those two shoots, they’ve all completely changed their impression of her being just a pretty face!

Ren Ranran frowned as she felt threatened by Jian Qi, turning around and saying to her manager, “I want to see her drown in hate comments!”

The manager nodded. “I’ve already talked about it with reporters.”

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