Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 32
Chapter 32: I’m a Thirteenth-Grade Actor?

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The assistant that Coco asked to look after Jian Qi looked at her in admiration. “Ms. Jian, if Mr. Coco saw your performance, he would be overjoyed!”

Seeing the cute assistant, Jian Qi smiled. “Who knows, he might be frightened!”

After all, only in these few days, she felt that Coco could become bald from stress due to her changes.

The assistant was stunned by her smile.

When they finished with their scenes, it was almost two in the early morning.

“How unlucky,” grumbled the assistant.

Jian Qi smiled nonchalantly.

Just then, a car stopped in front, and the car window rolled down to reveal Tang Jinyu’s handsome face with his trademark cold expression.

“Ms. Tang, Mr. Qiao has said to let you in the car to go back to the hotel together!”

The assistant gave her an excited glance as if she were telling her to get on and not to let Acting Emperor Qiao’s request go to waste.


Getting in the car, the assistant quickly thanked Qiao Bo.

Qiao Bo reacted so coldly that the assistant, who was a cheerful girl, stopped talking.

Jian Qi was so tired she went to sleep right there, leaning back on the back seat.

The assistant facepalmed at how Jian Qi made herself at home.

While she was sitting there nervously, Jian Qi was already off to slumberland.

The inside of the car was quiet, and Qiao Bo scrolled his phone for a bit before nodding off too.

Tang Jinyu observed Jian Qi in the rear mirror, and seeing her so quiet like this, it was honestly the best she had ever looked to him.

Arriving at the hotel, they went up to the floor they were temporarily staying on.

The thirteenth floor was for the actors, and the fourteenth floor was for the crew members.

It was a peaceful night, and because Jian Qi didn’t have any scenes to shoot in the morning, she had planned to sleep until the afternoon. That was the plan, but Coco came knocking at seven in the morning.

Jian Qi stared sleepily at Coco, who was standing at the door. “So early?”

Coco herded her inside and closed the door behind him.

“Jian Qiqi, did you forget my advice yesterday? I only left for a few hours, and you go pull this off!” Coco glared at her, hands on his hips.

Jian Qi lay on the sofa as she hugged a cushion, her eyes half-lidded. “What did I do?”

“Then tell me what this is?” Coco took out an iPad and tossed it to her after finding the page he was looking for.

“Thirteenth-grade actor Jian Qi beat up newbies on set and kicked crew members.”

“Jian Qi hooked up with Acting Emperor Qiao to get famous?!”

“Jian Qi bullies fellow crew members.”

Jian Qi read the headlines out loud

She had only been on set for one day and people already had so much dirt on her.

“I’m thirteenth grade?” Jian Qi looked at Coco, who was still glaring at her.

“I thought I was at least a fourth-grade actor.”

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