Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 36
Chapter 36: She’s a Hater, You Don’t Need to Love Her!

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Tang Jinyu heard everyone talking about Jian Qi, but he didn’t really care for gossip.

But no one had expected that in just a few hours, there would be a great upset online.

Ren Ranran, who was said to be the victim, sent out a Weibo post saying that Jian Qi didn’t bully her and apologized to Jian Qi, stating that she was a good person.

Seeing this, Tang Jinyu immediately guessed what had happened.

That brat didn’t delete the recordings!

She tricked him!

Somehow, he didn’t feel anger and instead wanted to laugh.

After Ren Ranran apologized publicly, the two martial artists also explained that Jian Qi didn’t beat them up.

As for the part where Jian Qi was said to be hooking up with Qiao Bo, Coco had already used Jian Qi’s phone to explain that they were only discussing their scenes and lines, nothing else.

However, Qiao Bo’s fans weren’t satisfied with this explanation, and for a while, it was still on the trending page.

Qiao Bo had no idea about what was going on because he had been acting since early in the morning. When he finally got the chance to rest, his manager said: “Your hater is on the trending page with you.”

Qiao Bo took a while to react.”You mean Lady Kao?”

The manager nodded, smiling at Qiao Bo’s habit of memorizing the names of actors by the names of their roles.

Qiao Bo switched on his phone and saw a bunch of comments on Weibo cursing and sending hate to Jian Qi. Some of them had even found instances when Jian Qi would mention in interviews about Qiao Bo being her idol, and said that she was gross and fake.

They said that she tried to tie herself to Qiao Bo to boost her popularity,

They said that she didn’t want any dignity, and used all sorts of colorful words on her

Qiao Bo went on Weibo occasionally, but he never looked at those comments most of the time.

He knew how horrible cancel culture could be, primarily online.

Seeing this, he couldn’t help furrowing his brows.

“What are you doing…?” the manager asked, furrowing their brows.

Qiao Bo blinked and asked, “Aren’t you the one who always tells me to love my fans?”

“…She’s a hater. You don’t need to love her!” The manager didn’t want to have to deal with more trouble.

If he didn’t say anything, everything would calm down after a while. If he did, things would become complicated.

But they had no way to stop Qiao Bo from something this once he had set his mind on doing it.

After composing a Weibo post for two minutes, he sent it out.

The manager snatched away his phone hastily, then fixed his stare on him in disbelief.

“Since when were you two old friends?”

Qiao Bo only smiled softly. He just felt that such a farce shouldn’t break that young lady. She would be able to reach even greater heights with her ability, and this couldn’t ruin that.

He believed that she could ascend to a height that others could only look up at.

It didn’t cost him much anyway, so what was the harm in doing it?


At Starshooter Entertainment, Jian Qi sat in her seat with a strong aura while everyone else in the room stared at her coldly.

Coco couldn’t help but to facepalm and pat her legs that were crossed. “Put them down!”

Jian Qi swept her gaze around the room and smiled. “Are we having a party?”

One of the directors of Starshooter Entertainment, who was sat at the table, said coldly: “Coco, we told you to bring Jian Qi to the press conference, why didn’t you come?”

“She has already been cleared of the blame online, so…”

“So you thought you could ignore all those reporters and shame Starshooter Entertainment?” The director cut Coco’s words off, his tone cold and indifferent. “Regardless of the incident at the set, now everyone online is talking about Jian Qi hooking up with Qiao Bo that even our company Weibo has been bombarded with hate comments. Wouldn’t you need to address that?”

“That is—”

Coco was about to explain further before Jian Qi cut him off, looking at the board of directors coldly.”The way you bunch deal with problems gave me an eye-opener.”

Her mocking words and bossy attitude made everyone in the room furrow their brows.

“Isn’t it because my contract is ending in three months? That’s why you’re lowering my value before then?”

This sentence was filled with contempt and arrogance, effectively ticking everyone in the room off.

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