Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 37
Chapter 37: Jian Qi, You Better Take Care of Your Image

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Some things were better left unsaid, and no one wanted to be the one to bring it up. It was an unspoken secret.

Even though Coco knew what was happening too, he didn’t talk about it and was cautious in negotiating for Jian Qi’s sake to minimize any damage made!

But no one had expected Jian Qi to be the one to rip off the Band-Aid.

Everyone had varying expressions, but the director’s was especially terrible.

Coco hadn’t expected her to say that either.

He was shocked. Did she decide to break things off with the company right then and there?

Coco pulled at her gently. “Qiqi…”

Jian Qi curled her lips but ignored Coco.

“Now that everything is done and over with, you want me to apologize to the media…and for what? All because those irrational fans of his are throwing hate comments at me?”

“Are you sure you aren’t trying to deepen my suspicion even more?”

Jian Qi said in a joking manner, but her aura was strong.

” Before we scheduled the press conference, we didn’t know that Ren Ranran would apologize. Now that everything has been blown out of proportion, we want to protect the benefits of the company!” the director said darkly, his expression unsightly.

When did it become normal for such a nobody to put on airs in front of them?

“You didn’t know? I was there when Coco told you that everything online wasn’t true, and you dare say that you didn’t know?”Jian Qi laughed mockingly.

Then, she directly lifted her jean-clad legs and crossed her boots on the table.

She leaned back on her chair, and she looked arrogant and bossy to the board of directors.

“Jian Qi, you better take care of your image!” the director shouted.

Jian Qi leaned on one of the arms of the chair and looked at them like a female gangster.

“Do I still have an image? Aren’t you the ones who agreed that I put on airs, that I bully my coworkers, that I hooked up with the Acting Emperor…”

Coco could only look at her with his mouth agape. He wanted to protect her, but this was too much!

He couldn’t even control her!

“Baby, you need to control yourself!” Coco whispered.

Even though he wanted to give her a standing ovation, but these were all people that held her future in their hands. She couldn’t offend any of them!

Jian Qi only winked at him seductively.

Coco shut up.

His heart was almost jumping out of his chest, and she thought now was a good time to tease him?!

“Jian Qi, you should know that you have another three months under our contract, and before your contract expires, you are to listen to all of our arrangements!”

The director wanted to let her know her standing. He wanted her to know that dealing with her would be as easy as crushing an ant!

The director had only spoken that much before his phone rang. After seeing that it was his secretary, he didn’t accept it and decided to continue speaking.

“What is this?” another higher-up exclaimed as they looked at their phone.

The director was angry. Could no one see that he was trying to give this loser a lesson?

He was about to shout at the person who cried out before they handed their phone to him. “Director, Acting Emperor Qiao sent a Weibo post.”

“What are you so excited about!” The director furrowed his brows in frustration.

“It’s about Jian Qi!”

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