Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 39
Chapter 39: Don’t You Know That Villains Always Survive Until the End?

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Coco looked at her and reminded, “Remember how you smacked him when he tried to molest you at a gathering three years ago? He wanted to look for trouble with you, but because I kept him down, he never had his way. Now he’s using the fact that you aren’t going to renew your contract to convince the others to join his side.”

Jian Qi thought hard and finally remembered such an incident.

Because Coco reacted quickly and took measures to protect her, it was only an insignificant event to her.

These pricks were all over the place!

Coco must have worked hard all these years to keep her safe!

“Good job!” Jian Qi patted his shoulder. “Let’s get revenge!”

Jian Qi smiled evilly.

Coco couldn’t help but frown. “Don’t get into any more trouble, please?”

“Alright, Sir Coco!” Jian Qi got up and smiled. “Let’s go thank Acting Emperor Qiao for his help!”


The entertainment industry was indeed a place where anything could happen. Your reputation could be destroyed thoroughly overnight and restored immediately in a matter of hours!

After experiencing fake news spreading on the internet, then getting hated on, then apologized to, then having her rumors cleared—in just four hours, Jian Qi had experienced more than the average artist would in their entire career!

Because of Qiao Bo, Jian Qi, whom no one had remembered in the past decade, suddenly became the most discussed artist on the internet!

She became the talk of the internet!

Jian Qi was the first person that Qiao Bo had praised directly.

It was common knowledge that Qiao Bo was never a sociable person. Now that they knew that he had an old friend in Jian Qi, all of them were curious about her!

On the way to the set, Coco received multiple calls requesting to interview Jian Qi, as well as invitations to shoot commercials.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and didn’t accept any more calls.

She unexpectedly burst into fame in one morning!

Coco had never expected Jian Qi to become a household name in such a way!

He looked over at Jian Qi, who was sleeping without any care in the world. “Why are you so sleepy?”

“If I don’t sleep now while I still can, what if I wouldn’t even be able to get a good night’s sleep three months later?” Jian Qi adjusted her position a little and continued to sleep.

Coco furrowed his brows, perplexed on why she was so intent on leaving the industry.

“Qiqi, what is so important that you have to leave the industry? Why would you be unable to sleep well after three months? What happened?”

“It’s just something I have to do. Don’t worry about me, okay?” Jian Qi reassured Coco.

Of course, this didn’t serve to comfort him in the slightest, but he decided not to ask any further.

When Jian Qi arrived at the set, everyone’s gazes were different.

Jian Qi knew very well it was because of Qiao Bo.

Sitting down next to him, she smiled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it. It didn’t cost me much as long as you’re okay with being my friend.” Qiao Bo said with a gentle smile.

Jian Qi paused and smiled back. “I’m your fan, after all.”

“I wouldn’t have known!”

“I used to be, at least.”

Qiao Bo smiled lightly, his attitude as cool as ever. It was true that it cost him little to help her out like that.

Qiao Bo didn’t continue with the conversation, resuming his review of his upcoming scene.

Jian Qi looked over at Tang Jinyu, who was next to Qiao Bo, and winked. “Little Tang Tang, aren’t you going to comfort me?”

Tang Jinyu only side-eyed her in disdain. “Don’t you know the saying that goes ‘villains always survive to the end?’”

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