Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 43

Chapter 43: You Owe Me One, Officer

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Jian Qi gritted her teeth as she looked at Tang Jinyu.

Who said he was distilled water—this twisted man was making fun of her!

Back at the filming set, Coco pulled Jian Qi over and asked with a cool tone, “Why are you with him again?”

Tang Jinyu was about to leave, but upon hearing this, he turned around and looked at Jian Qi.

Jian Qi’s gaze met with his, and she smiled. “I met Little Tang Tang here on the way back from shopping…”

Jian Qi smiled wider as Tang Jinyu’s gaze became progressively more dangerous.

Just as she was about to continue, Qiao Bo’s manager walked over. “Xiao Tang, where were you just now?”

“Oh, he was…”

“I went to get drinks for everyone, and I borrowed Mr. Assistant over here to help carry everything here. That’s alright, yes?”

Jian Qi cut off Coco from continuing to speak and smiled at Qiao Bo’s manager innocently.

The manager smiled. “Of course.”

Then, he turned to Tang Jinyu. “I need your help with something.”

Before leaving with the manager, Tang Jinyu shot another warning glare at Jian Qi.

She only smiled, the message in her gaze bright: You owe me one, officer.

Tang Jinyu only turned around and left with the manager.

Coco got the wrong idea.

“Baby, you can’t waste your youth on this man who has nothing but a pretty face!” Coco persuaded worriedly.

Jian Qi only smiled, not wanting to explain.

Coco could only be left to lament the woes of taking care of an adolescent girl.

She was tough to teach.

Later, the drinks that Jian Qi had bought were sent to everyone on set.

Jian Qi had attracted a lot of attention in the past two days, both positive and negative, to the point where quite a few people were waiting for her to mess up whenever she did a shoot.

But she never slipped up, applying pressure onto the people who were acting in the same scenes as her with her superb acting, making them try to serve better to match her energy.

“Talk. Why did you betray me?” Jian Qi looked down at the woman in front of her, exuding an intense pressure on the other as she gazed at her with cold fury and disappointment.

Her aura was too strong, and the bone-chilling bloodlust scared Ren Ranran, who was on kneeling on the floor so much that she forgot her lines.

This went on for a minute before the director shouted in frustration, “Cut cut cut!!”

Only then did Ren Ranran come back to her senses, visibly flustered.

“Ren Ranran, what’s wrong with you? Why are you spacing out in the middle of a shoot?!”

The director shouted in anger.

He couldn’t tolerate this beginner’s mistake!

Ren Ranran could only look down guiltily while her manager apologized repeatedly.

Tang Jinyu looked at this scene in exasperation.

This woman did a splendid job of crushing the other with her aura. Just now, Ren Ranran definitely wasn’t spacing out. She was paralyzed by fear!

That sort of bloodlust…

Did it really belong to a mere actress?

If it did, she would be a good recruit!

“Touch up their makeup. We resume in five minutes!” The director frowned in displeasure, but he didn’t follow up on this matter because he knew who was supporting her.

But if she kept this up, no one could blame him for getting angry again!

Jian Qi only stared at Ren Ranran with a wicked smile on her face, and Ren Ranran felt like a frog being stared down at by a snake.

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