Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 45

Chapter 45: You’re Jealous of Me, Aren’t You?

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Her movements were quick, and in the blink of an eye, she had climbed up to the window on the fourteenth floor.

At the same time, two men witnessed this scene from a building opposite the hotel.

“Boss, this little lady’s not bad!”

The man’s voice sounded interested. “I’ve always thought she was just a pretty face, but her acting gave me a surprise! Even her movements right now are on the level of a rock climbing master!”

Tang Jinyu only swept a glance at the dirty man, not saying a word.

Somehow, the man felt a chill coming from Tang Jinyu.

Did he say something wrong again?

“You know this little lady better, boss! Is there anything wrong with her?” the man continued to ask.

Tang Jinyu furrowed his brow. “Did you know that she followed you the last time?”


Tang Jinyu huffed coldly. “Feng Yi, go receive your punishment when we finish this mission. To think you didn’t even notice that woman following after you!”

The man was dumbfounded. “Boss, you’re tricking me, aren’t you? That’s not possible!”

Tang Jinyu didn’t reply to his question and checked on the surveillance footage instead.

The image that he was looking at was the exact moment Jian Qi entered the room.

“Boss, I was followed by her?” Feng Yi couldn’t comprehend it. “Even though she’s good at climbing, she can’t be so competent that I didn’t even notice her following behind me!”

Tang Jinyu just stared at the footage of Jian Qi checking around the room. “This woman is too curious. One day, she’s going to get killed because of it!”

“Weren’t you the one that said she was smart?” Feng Yi smiled. “I think she’s quite interesting.”

From the admiration in his eyes, it was clear that he had a good impression of Jian Qi.

Tang Jinyu scoffed. “Are you interested in her?”

“Ah, a beautiful face and an interesting personality, this little lady satisfies all the conditions for my future girlfriend!” Feng Yi couldn’t detect the danger in Tang Jinyu’s words, continuing to speak happily.

“How about I give you a break to woo her?”

“I don’t need a break, but if the boss allows, I can resign from my job as a crew member and become her assistant or something to get close to her.”

Feng Yi’s expression was expectant as he looked at Tang Jinyu’s half-smiling expression.

His aura made Feng Yi somewhat nervous. “Uhm, I just wanted to joke a little to brighten up your mood!”


Tang Jinyu was calm, and even his tone was gentle.

But only the subordinates that followed him the longest knew!

The more gentle Tang Jinyu seemed, the more danger they were in!

“Boss, what’s she doing?” Feng Yi tried to change the topic.

Tang Jinyu only smirked and looked back at the screen. “Feng Yi, has anyone ever told you that it was a stupid idea to try and change topics in front of me?”

Feng Yi wanted to cry. Wasn’t he only making small talk to lighten the mood during work?

Did he have to scare him like that?

“Boss, you’re jealous of me, aren’t you?” Feng Yi said. At this point,the sound of nails being hammered into a coffin could probably be heard. “You’re jealous that I have someone that I like, but you don’t!”

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