Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Not Going to Molest Me? How Dissapointing.

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Tang Jinyu looked at the scene laid in front of him and his good-looking eyebrows furrowed noticeably.

There were several bags of junk food on the bed, and a certain someone was lying on it in a nightgown, the short skirt leaving little room for imagination.

Tang Jinyu promptly moved over and covered her with a blanket.

Jian Qi laughed and kicked the blanket away. In doing so, her nightgown rode up her legs a little, making her seem more alluring.

Tang Jinyu scowled and commanded, “Get up and sit properly!”

Jian QI laughed again and sat up lazily, reaching for a bag of potato chips and opening it as she did. “Are you even a man? I’m right here and you aren’t doing anything!”

Tang Jinyu scoffed. “You can try and see whether I’m a man!”

Jian Qi paused before smiling and biting the potato chip in her mouth with a loud crunch.

Before Tang Jinyu could react to the rare pause on Jian Qi’s part, she daintily laid down the bag of potato chips and hooked her fingers on the hem of her nightgown, seemingly about to pull it off at the next moment.

Noticing this, Tang Jinyu quickly pulled the blanket over Jian Qi again and tied her into something resembling a mummy, leaving only her head out as he tied a knot to secure her in place.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow and tried to wriggle out of her bonds before giving up after two seconds.

Not really minding her current predicament, Jian Qi tiled her head and teased him. “Weren’t you the one who said I could try? What’s the deal with this?”

Tang Jinyu only ignored her and went to the nearest sofa, sitting down comfortably and fixing her with a neutral stare. “Let’s talk.”

“Are you changing the subject?”

Tang Jinyu grabbed a bag of junk food and threw it in Jian Qi’s direction.

Jian Qi rolled her body to dodge it, but before she could flaunt it she was hit by another bag of junk food in her face.

Seeing her resentful expression, Tang Jinyu huffed. “Wanna talk now?”

Jian Qi rolled her eyes. “Fine, fine, just get on with it, young man!”

Hearing her words, Tang Jinyu threw another bag of chips at Jian Qi, making her fall onto the bed from her sitting position.

Jian Qi wriggled around and found a comfortable position before looking back at Tang Jinyu lazily.

Tang Jinyu spoke first. “So you knew?”

“About what?” Jian Qi blinked innocently.

Tang Jinyu was completely sure that she was feigning innocence and threw another bag of junk food in her direction. “Enough with that!”

Jian Qi’s gaze locked in on a nearby bag of chips and managed to wriggle an arm out of her bond.

Using her free hand and her mouth to open the bag, Jian Qi lay back into her former position and continued to munch on it calmly.

Tang Jinyu rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on again.

“Tell me what you saw,” Tang Jinyu requested.

Swallowing the chip in her mouth, Jian Qi smiled. “Didn’t you see everything from the surveillance footage?”

“So it seems you know everything, huh.”

Jian Qi smacked her lips in dissatisfaction. “So if you already know everything, and you aren’t going to molest me, then what’s the point of you coming up here?”

Staring at the man before her, she continued. “Not going to molest me? How disappointing.”

“Why were you there?” Tang Jinyu ignored her pointless banter and asked.

“I saw someone being suspicious when I came back from buying snacks, so I followed him in curiosity.”

Tang Jinyu just stared at this mysterious woman in front of him.

Even though she seemed to be telling the truth, still, she always seemed to be hiding something up her sleeve.

“The way you held that gun was very professional…” Tang Jinyu noted, probing her for the truth.

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