Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Aren’t You Going To Untie Me?

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“Thank you for the compliment!”Jian Qi giggled like an airheaded girl who didn’t know what Tang Jinyu was asking.

“Have you learned it before?”

“Weren’t we coached on it on set?” Jian Qi replied matter-of-factly.

And so, a whole bag of junk food was completely consumed.

She rolled around and took another bag, opening it and munching on it like a hamster.

Tang Jinyu furrowed his brows in disdain. “Aren’t you actresses supposed to take care of your figure and your food intake? Aren’t you worried about becoming fat?”

“I’m still growing!”

“Aren’t you afraid that you would become a piece of junk after eating so much junk food?”

Jian Qi was taken aback.

That was a direct jab!

Jian Qi suddenly started to tear up, staring at Tang Jinyu pitifully. “I’ve been in the entertainment industry ever since I was but a wee child, and most of my meals were either buns or lunch boxes because no one ever had made me food. Because of that, I’ve always hidden by myself and eaten junk food while no one was looking…You wouldn’t be able to understand! Just from looking at you, you’re one of those rich boys who has never gone hungry a day in your life, unlike us poor children who rejoice at having junk food to eat.”

Tang Jinyu only stared emotionlessly at her over the top acting. “Who taught you how to climb?”

“I learned it by myself when I went mountain climbing with my classmates.”

She replied honestly, and Tang Jinyu knew that if he pointed out any inconsistencies in her statement, she would be able to refute them quickly.

“No one will know about what happened tonight. Don’t get into any more trouble tomorrow at the shoot!” Tang JInyu warned seriously.

“You guys are going to get into action tomorrow?” Jian Qi asked excitedly.

Tang Jinyu frowned. “If anything happens to you, don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

“So what you’re saying is that you snuck into my room in the dead of night like this just to warn me?” Jian Qi asked teasingly. “If you liked me, you could have just said so. Why do you have to be so roundabout and cold about it?”

Looking at this narcissistic girl, Tang Jinyu held down his urge to smack her in the face and smiled coldly. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

After he said so, he turned around and went towards the window.

Jian Qi could only watch as was about to leave through the window. “Aren’t you going to untie me?”

“It seems that you can eat just fine like that, so no!”

Tang Jinyu’s silhouette disappeared through the window, and the curtains were left flapping in the night wind.

Jian Qi looked at her current state and was too lazy to move anymore, so she found another comfortable position to lie down again.

He wants her to be good?

That was her call to make!


Because her scenes were all scheduled together, she started her shoot as soon as she arrived on set.

This continued until one in the afternoon.

Holding her boxed lunch carefully, she went over to Tang Jinyu.

Seeing a certain someone make her way over, his first reaction was to turn around and leave.

“Little Tang Tang…”

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