Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Until We Meet Again, Officer

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The criminals left on the boat reacted quickly and started shooting at Tang Jinyu’s speedboat.

“Cover me!” Tang Jinyu commanded his subordinates.



As his subordinates helped him with covering fire, Tang Jinyu sped up his speedboat and jumped onto the cargo boat.

After dealing with the people outside, Tang Jinyu ran into the cabin of the boat.

But there was no one around.

Tang Jinyu furrowed his brows. Did they run away?

Feng Yi came in quickly after. “Boss, did they run away?”

Tang Jinyu didn’t reply as he went down to the lower deck.

“W-What the heck?!” Fang Yi stared in shock at the two main culprits tied together on the floor. Their mouths were stuffed with rags, and their faces were somewhat swollen.

It was apparent that they were beaten up.

Feng Yi pulled out the makeshift gags from their mouths and asked: “Who tied you both here?”

They only shook their heads in confusion.

“Boss, who could it have been?”

Tang Jinyu swept his gaze around the cabin as his eyebrows knit together again. What person could take care of these two so easily?

“Feng Yi, get rid of all the evidence!”

After Tang Jinyu gave his orders, he left promptly.

One of his subordinates came down and blinked in confusion at the scene. “The heck?”

Feng Yi shook his head. “No idea, just take them away.”


Tang Jinyu went back to the set as quickly as he could, and by then, the crew had already started to clean up.

Tang Jinyu asked a random crew member: “Did Ms. Jian have any scenes tonight?”

“No, she left early in the afternoon.”

Hearing their words, Tang Jinyu turned around and left.

He arrived at the hotel and climbed into Jian Qi’s room swiftly, and just as he did, the lights were switched on. He quickly backed away and hid outside the window, using the curtains as cover.

“Now that you’ve eaten, go get lots of rest. Don’t go buying junk food in the middle of the night!” Coco warned. “I’m going back. Call me if you need me!”

“Understood, Sir Coco!”

As soon as Coco left the room, Tang Jinyu flipped back into the room.

Jian Qi turned around and pretended that she was shocked. “Why do you keep on climbing into my room at midnight? Do you want to scare me that much?”

“Where did you go?” Tang Jinyu asked, his cold gaze staring at her as if wanting to probe her for the truth.

“I just finished dinner. Why?” Jian Qi asked calmly. “Weren’t you going to start your operation today? Did you get it done so quickly?”

Tang Jinyu wanted to check if she was lying, but she seemed to be completely truthful!

“Are you sure you only went eating after leaving the set?”

“Are you accusing me of something, officer?” Jian Qi giggled. “Did I do something I wasn’t supposed to? Or are you just here because you wanted to see lil ‘ole me? If you wanted to see me, you could’ve just said so instead of barging in like this.”

Tang Jinyu stared at her for another minute, before turning towards the window again. “Alright then.”

“Are you not going to come on set anymore?” Jian Qi asked.

“Yes,” Tang Jinyu replied, not continuing to make a move.

He thought she would follow up with some more banter, but she seemed to have just asked that on a whim.

Tang Jinyu then left through the window into the night, as if he was never there.

Staring at the window, Jian Qi smiled.

Until we meet again, officer.

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