Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 53

Chapter 53: I Want to Dazzle A Certain Someone!

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After saying so, she swung her fist at Chu Yuhan, scaring the latter so much she tumbled back into a sitting position.

Retracting her first, she fixed a cold gaze at Chu Yuhan. “Leave me alone!”

After that, Jian Qi left for the classroom immediately.

Looking at her silhouette, Chu Yuhan gritted her teeth in frustration.

Even though President Zhang had been arrested, she didn’t dare to tell the police about what he did to her truthfully. She knew that he would be able to get out of jail quickly because of his background and relations with people in high places. Chu Yuhan was just a student, and even though she had been casted in several dramas, she had only played some insignificant roles. She knew that President Zhang would be able to cut her off from advancing in the industry in the future like crushing an ant.

She wanted to reconcile with him, but he requested that she deal with Jian Qi before they could.

These days, Jian Qi had always been on set so she hadn’t had the chance to, and now that she had finally returned to school, Chu Yuhan thought she finally had the chance.

That was what she thought, until she was mercilessly crushed by her in a few seconds.

She couldn’t even fight back!

Jian Qi arrived at the classroom, and her desk had been moved to the back corner of the classroom because she hadn’t been present for quite a while.,

She sat down nonchalantly, not minding it.

As the bell rang, all the students returned to the classroom.

Chu Yuhan entered the classroom and sat at Jian Qi’s original position, glancing at Jian Qi mockingly for some childish reason she couldn’t comprehend.

For a week, Jian Qi attended classes as she normally would.

That Friday, Coco sent her a message asking her out for dinner and to watch the premiere of King of Guns. After all, she had a few scenes in the first episode.

Hearing how excited he was, Jian Qi knew what he was thinking right away.

He probably wanted to convince her to continue acting if she was well-received by the general audience.

That night, Jian Qi sat down on the carpet with several stacks of trial exam papers and reference books, the very image of a student engrossed in studying for her exams.

“Baby, I’m touched! I never thought you could be so hardworking!” Coco couldn’t help but gasp in amazement.

Jian Qi would study occasionally in the past, but he never saw her like this before!

Jian Qi pushed away several stray strands of hair from her forehead with her pen and smiled. “Either I don’t do it, or I do the best I can! I want to dazzle a certain someone, after all.”

A certain someone?

“Who?” Coco smelled the telltale scent of juicy gossip. “Baby, are you in love?!”

“Reporting to Sir Coco, I’m still a girl!” Jian Qi did a mock salute in response to his question.

Coco didn’t believe her and furrowed his brow. “Are you still in cohorts with that pretty boy assistant?”

“Nope!” Jian Qi replied immediately.

Just as Coco was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Jian Qi continued, “But I’m looking forward to dazzling him for sure!”

Coco didn’t know how to respond to her sudden statement.

“Which reminds me, which school are you applying for if you aren’t going to a film academy?”

Jian Qi smiled self-assuredly and opened her laptop to search for pictures of the school she wanted to apply for, as well as the introduction for it, before handing the laptop over to Coco.

“Look, here it is.”

Coco took over the laptop and froze in place.

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