Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Don’t Get Beaten Up!

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The National Defense Academy?!

“Are you kidding me?”

Coco couldn’t believe what he was seeing and continued, “It’s not that I want to burst your bubble, but Bolin High School is renowned as an arts school! Almost everyone from there goes into arts-related universities!”

“Even students from Han High School, one of the most prestigious high schools in our country, can’t get into that academy easily! Aren’t your goals too high?”

To his question, Jian Qi only smiled. “That difficult, huh?”

“Of course! Every year, not more than five students from Han High School get to enter this academy, not to mention the arts-focused Bolin High School!”

“There has never been a graduate from Bolin High School that has met their standards!”

“Then I’ll be the first.” Jian Qi smiled as she looked at the computer. “I’m going to get into this place no matter what!”

Jian Qi nodded and smiled. “Of course. Why would I be studying like this if I wasn’t? I’m confident that I would be able to get in anyway, but a little studying never hurt anyone, no?”

Seeing how confident she was, Coco thought that he should try and dissuade her some more. After all, it wasn’t an academy that the average student could get into willy-nilly.

The student would need to excel in both academics and also extraordinary physical ability.

“Baby, don’t get yourself beaten up with that frail body of yours!” Coco couldn’t help but add on.

Jian Qi stifled a laugh. “Look, your precious drama is going to start.”

Coco sighed at the girl’s attempt to change the subject and directed his attention to the television.

The first episode ended quickly, and by the end, Coco was practically glued to the screen from Jian Qi’s brilliant performance.

Staring at the screen, Coco muttered, “Baby, I think this will be your big break.”

“Ah, that’s nothing out of the ordinary!”

Coco was speechless.

Could she be any more narcissistic?

“I’ve been on the sidelines for so long, it’s about time!” Jian Qi said calmly.

Actors prided themselves on their acting skills, but the director could always cut the shooting off whenever they made a mistake.

For her, it was always a matter of life and death. After all, there wouldn’t be any second chances; failure would be equivalent to death!

Coco looked at her. “You weren’t even trying to be humble there, baby.”

Jian Qi only smiled. It wasn’t that she wasn’t humble, but she had said that it was a gift for him and she would make it a surprise for him for sure!

And as Coco guessed, Jian Qi blew up on the internet.

After the first episode finished airing, the hubbub around Jian Qi’s performance was only second to Qiao Bo, and the two of them even made it onto the top of the trending page together.

Qiao Bo’s acting was unquestionable, but when Lady Kao appeared in the drama, everyone was amazed by how Jian Qi brought the character to life.

Even though Lady Kao was part of the red light district, her mysterious and dignified aura shone through.

Her performance was definitely better than the main female actress’!

Jian Qi was quite calm about it, but Coco’s phone continued to ring nonstop after the premiere of the drama, with endless offers for Jian Qi to attend interviews and shoot commercials…

Overnight, Jian Qi’s net worth and popularity rocketed!

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