Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Little Tang Tang, He’s Bullying Me

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Jian Qi’s words made everyone’s gaze shift from Qiao Bo to her.

Seeing her look at Tang Jinyu who was sitting in a corner, their gazes became weird.

“Tang, who is this?” The man who mocked Qiao Bo smiled and said, “Is she an old flame of yours? To call you in such an intimate way?”

Jian Qi wasn’t about to let him go for mocking Qiao Bo like that just yet.

Just as he finished talking, she giggled impishly and said, “Little Tang Tang, who is this brute? Doesn’t he know basic manners? What an impolite man to cut in on our conversation like that!”

“You b*tch…” The man cursed and pointed at Jian Qi, but he was promptly ignored.

“Litte Tang Tang, not to interfere with your social life, but no matter how lonely you are, you can’t associate yourself with such a brute. Aren’t you scared he’ll bring down your dignity?”

“You better wipe your eyes clean whenever you make friends, don’t keep on bringing in trash. You’re not a recycling bin!”

Jian Qi didn’t even bother to hide her disdain at the unknown man.

That man was definitely pissed off, but he seemed to be keeping his temper in check as he turned towards Tang Jinyu. “Tang, aren’t you going to introduce us?”

“Hey, isn’t she Lady Kao from drama King of Guns?” Someone finally recognized Jian Qi and pointed it out.

“Oh, did they fall in love?”

That man chuckled and glanced at a long-haired woman next to him. “I was thinking why Sir Holier-Than-Thou here was here in such a place, but it seems he’s just here with his little girlfriend, huh?”

If Jian Qi couldn’t tell that this man was prejudiced against Qiao Bo, she would be blind.

But no matter what, it was because of her that he appeared here today, so she had to protect him!

Who were they to mock and make fun of a person she invited?!

As soon as the man said so, the long-haired woman next to him glanced at Qiao Bo.

Their gazes met, and Qiao Bo furrowed his brows subconsciously.

“Jian Qi, let’s go.” Qiao Bo reached for Jian Qi to lead her away from the room.

Jian Qi smiled. “Wait!”

As she said so, she walked towards the man and reached for a cup of wine in front of him, smiling dangerously. “Do you know the saying ‘a fool’s mouth is his destruction’?”

“What do you want?” The man stared at her warily.

“What do you think?” Jian Qi asked rhetorically. “I just want to let you know what it means!”

Then, she splashed the wine in her hands towards the man’s face.

“F*ck!” The man cursed again and glared at her. “Are you f*cking crazy?”

Jian Qi smiled lazily and stared at him, not backing down. “What’s wrong? Wanna fight?”

As the man raised his hand, Qiao Bo frowned and was about to make his way over, but he didn’t expect someone to move faster than he did.

“Cheng Feng!” Tang Jinyu commanded, cutting off the man’s movements as he made his way over.

Jian Qi turned over to him, and she immediately became like a defenseless lamb. “Little Tang Tang, he’s bullying me…”

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