Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 58

Chapter 58: How Dare You Bully What’s Mine!

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The car quickly left the scene.

In the car, Qiao Bo asked, “Is there something wrong?”

At the driver’s seat was a woman with delicate features and lightly curled hair. It was the long-haired woman who was in the karaoke room earlier.

“The company doesn’t allow for any scandals!”

“I understand.” Qiao Bo’s expression shifted slightly but returned to normal quickly. “She finished her exams today. I was just going to celebrate with her.”

“You don’t need to report to me on her personal matters!”

Qiao Bo breathed deeply and turned to look out the window with a complicated glint in his eye. “She didn’t mean to do what she did today. I hope you can help settle matters with Cheng Feng.”

“Are you begging me on her behalf?” The woman’s tone was as cold as ice, and even though she didn’t let much emotion show in her expression, her grip on the steering wheel tightened.

“She’s only eighteen years old and her career has barely started. I don’t want her to be destroyed like this. She’s really suited for acting.”

“Enough!” The woman cut him off and scoffed. “To think that someone like you who has never recognized anyone’s acting would praise and ask for help on behalf of a mere girl!”


“Don’t say any more, I’ll make sure to tell him!” the woman said coldly.

Qiao Bo opened his mouth as if he wanted to explain, but he chose not to say anything and only casted a gaze into the distance. His gaze was shrouded with a mist that made it impossible to know what he was truly thinking.

The woman chanced a glance at him, a dark glint flashing in her gaze as she smiled bitterly.

Returning her gaze to the road, she stepped hard on the accelerator.


Jian Qi and Coco continued partying until midnight before leaving.

Coco was drunk.

Jian Qi was forced to drink so much juice that she could almost hear the sound of water gurgling around in her stomach.

As Jian Qi was helping Coco out, the people from the other room left their room too.

“Oh, isn’t that the red pepper that splashed wine in your face, Cheng Feng?” Everyone had drunk copious amounts of alcohol, so they didn’t really care about their words either.

Cheng Feng had drunk so much that his face was bright red. As he drunkenly looked at Jian Qi, he thought of Qiao Bo, and by extension, about how the long-haired woman had left because of him.

Hence, he was extremely pissed off at Jian Qi at that moment.

“B*tch, you were quite fired up just now, weren’t you? Don’t you know who Master Feng is? He can make you disappear from the industry immediately!” The man laughed, his breath reeking of alcohol.

Coco, who was also so drunk that he couldn’t stand properly, immediately stood in front of Jian Qi.

Even though he was drunk, he knew that he had to protect her.

“Why, isn’t it Coco?” The man said mockingly, reaching for the flamboyant plush brooch on his chest. “Aren’t you gay? What’s with this heroic farce?”

This statement made everyone laugh.

Coco was so drunk that he didn’t process what the bunch of them said, only focusing on protecting Jian Qi.

No one saw the flash of bloodlust through Jian Qi’s eyes.

She pulled Coco aside and stepped forward, her gaze settling on the bunch laughing unabashedly in front of her, her dark pupils filled with a threat.

“Is there something funny?”

“You b*tch, don’t even get me started on you! If you don’t apologize to Master Feng, he’ll let you disappear from the industry overnight!” the man warned.

Jian Qi smiled and nodded. “Fine, I’ll apologize.”

Before they could get ahead of themselves, they heard a wail of pain coming from the man.

Jian Qi had flipped the man onto the ground with all her might as she let her malice show without holding anything back. “How dare you bully what’s mine!”

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