Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Counterattack

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“Qiqi, are you blaming me…?” Chu Yuhan looked at Jian Qi with a pitiful expression.


Jian Qi scoffed. “You say I was raped, but do you have any evidence that I was? Why are you telling everyone these rumors, are you truly worried about me or do you want to destroy me?”

Chu Yuhan furrowed her brow as her expression became unnatural, fixing her gaze on the girl in front of her that had become so unfamiliar.

Jian Qi’s aura was too strong, and she felt like a sharp unsheathed blade that could pierce anyone that wasn’t careful. It was the polar opposite of her usually gentle and sweet persona that would have comforted Chu Yuhan upon seeing her facade!

She could not control this version of Jian Qi at all.

The girls that were chatting about this topic with her just now started gazing at her with doubt, making her panic even more.

“Qiqi, I didn’t spread any rumors, I was just explaining…”

“Explaining? Well if everyone wants an explanation here it is.” Jian Qi’s cold gaze swept over the crowd, her aura strong as ever as she laid pressure onto them subtly. “I only had a fruit cocktail and left with a friend I met coincidentally, nothing happened!”

“Also, if something really happened to me, would you think I would have the mood to stand here? If that sort of thing happened to any of you, what would you feel? Would you be so calm?”

Jian Qi’s words were like a hit to the head, making the crowd start to think this over rationally. After all, if something really had happened who would have the mood to come back to school?

They would probably curl up and cry, and maybe even think of ending their lives from shame!

Wouldn’t that be a more normal response?

It seems that nothing really did happen…

Chu Yuhan panicked, seeing the crowd come back to their senses.

If Jian Qi really slipped away with just a few words, then wasn’t all her effort for naught?

“What friend Qiqi? Why don’t I know him?” Chu Yuhan asked in mock confusion. “Did he help you with the aphrodisiac in your drink? Are you together now?”

“What, an aphrodisiac?” The crowd gasped collectively as their expression became strange again.

“She had an aphrodisiac?”

“So she really was…”

“So she was putting on a front!”

Their reactions seemed to encourage Chu Yuhan even more, and so she continued, acting like her words would not put Jian Qi in more trouble. “Thank goodness for your friend then!”

“How do you know that my drink was drugged?” Jian Qi smirked. “I only had one cup, and that was given to me by you, Chu Yuhan!”

The gazes of the crowd locked in once again on Chu Yuhan, shocked by the revelation.

“I-I just guessed!” Chu Yuhan wanted to tear Jian Qi’s excuse, but…

She didn’t expect Jian Qi to corner her into a checkmate!

“You must be really good at guessing huh…” Jian Qi mocked. “If I didn’t know better, you drugged my drink, and with such a filthy drug too!”

“Qiqi, I was only scared…”

“And I said I was fine, Chu Yuhan! Why are you still blabbering on about me being drugged, are you truly worried? Or are you out to destroy my reputation?”

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