Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 60

Chapter 60: What Were You So Honest For?!

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The next morning, Coco was awoken by the ringtone of his phone instead of his alarm clock.

After reaching around sleepily for his phone, he finally grabbed his phone.


“Coco, there is trouble!” The assistant’s panicked voice on the other end of the phone came through.

“What happened?

“This morning, someone leaked pictures of Qiqi beating people up at the club!”

As the assistant continued to chatter on nervously, Coco zoned out, bonking his head gently as his memories from the night before returned.

Then, he opened his eyes in fright.


What did that brat do this time?

Beat up Cheng Feng?!

Coco held his palm against his forehead, almost crying from stress.

He was so drunk that he let Jian Qi beat someone up!

And to make matters worse, it was the young master of Cheng Group!

Things were out of hand!

“Coco? Hello?” the assistant nudged, confused at how the man hadn’t been replying her.

“Alright, I’ll deal with it!” Coco hung up and threw the phone unceremoniously to a side, rubbing his head.

Coming through his hangover, he knew this place was the guest room in Jian Qi’s apartment.

So why did he drink so much last night anyway?

Alcohol really is the devil!

With his hair sticking up like a bird’s nest, he walked out of the room at the same time Jian Qi returned. He frowned and checked his watch, noticing that it was seven in the morning. What was she up so early for?

“Did you go get breakfast?”

Seeing the bags in her hand, Coco asked perplexedly, “Isn’t it a little too early?”

Jian Qi was wearing a black tracksuit and a baseball cap, looking fresh and light, even somewhat cool.

“I went jogging, and I bought some hangover soup and breakfast for you. Go get yourself prepared and eat, then go to work!” Jian Qi put down the bags on the desk before making her way to her room.

Coco was still somewhat dazed, but fortunately, he reacted quickly enough to grab her arm. “Did you see any reporters downstairs?”

“Yeah, and I even talked with them a bit!”

This simple statement made Coco’s heart almost jump out of his chest.

“Talk? What did you tell them?”

“Didn’t I beat that spoiled brat from Cheng Group last night? They asked me about what happened and why I had brought you home last night.”

“And how did you reply?” Coco stared at her in appalment.

Seeing how he was freaking out, Jian Qi thought it was quite funny. “What do you think? I told them the truth, of course!”

As the door was closed, Coco stood at the door, so stressed out by Jian Qi that he scratched at the door like a distressed kitten. “What were you so honest for?!”

“Do you want to ruin your career?”

Coco almost pulled his hair out.

He had only been drunk for a few hours, why did such a thing happen?!

Jian Qi quickly finished washing up and opened the door to see Coco contemplating the very meaning of existence, making her laugh unabashedly.

“What did you tell the reporters?” Coco stared at her in fright, afraid that she had said anything that would make him faint.

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