Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 61
Chapter 61: I Was Simply Guessing

Jian Qi smiled and told him the truth, “I told them Cheng Feng was only practising with me, how can a weak girl like me beat him up! They can go ask Cheng Feng themselves if they don’t believe me.”

“You really said that?” Coco was shocked, “Aren’t you afraid that Cheng Feng will tell the truth!”

Jian Qi lifted her red hair with a smirk and said, “Being beaten up by a girl is way too embarrassing for a man. Even if Cheng Feng wanted to kill me because of this, he will not let anyone know that he was no match for a woman. His ego is way too big for a normal man.”

“Hence, he will thank me for protecting his ego for him!”

Coco frowned, Jian Qi was rather right in that sense.

“I really hope that what you said was true.” Coco then went back to his own room to wash up. He was still worried though, so he made a phone call.

Coco tried to disguise himself after he left the apartment, but then he realized what Jian Qi had said was true. There was not a single reporter outside the apartment.

“I told you I made them leave,” Jian Qi said as she shook her head speechlessly.

Coco went online half an hour later and found out that Cheng Feng had already responded to the media.

Cheng Feng responded just as Jian Qi had expected, he agreed with what Jian Qi had told the reporters!

“You little rascal, how can you be so precisely on point?”

“Well, I was simply guessing…” Jian Qi raised her eyebrow and replied calmly, “Didn’t think that I guessed it correctly.”

Coco, “…”

Girl, you have got to be kidding me?!


Chu Yuhan had been excitedly hoping that today’s news would utterly destroy Jian Qi, but she never thought that things would not have gone as she expected.

She did not understand why Cheng Feng had not used the media to stop Jian Qi but instead affirmed the whole situation for her.

Why would he do that for Jian Qi?

The team had also prepared a council’s letter for this imaginary issue that was essentially problematic.

Chu Yuhan thought that this would ruin her reputation completely. How could this end even before everything had started!

Seeing everything fall apart before it had even started left Chu Yuhan very frustrated. Especially now that Jian Qi’s career was growing prosperously while she was still acting as a minor character in the scenes.

This huge difference had caused the jealousy in Chu Yuhan to grow even more.

As she stared at her phone, she felt the urge to upload yesterday’s video online.


Coco’s face turned pale once he saw the video that had gone viral online.

Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. “How much does this person hate me?”

“Well, you clearly do not seem stressed out?”

“What should I be afraid of when Cheng Feng has already denied it? Now that the video is out, if he were to take a different stand, it would hurt his ego even more.

“I’m just really curious as to who would want to ruin my reputation so badly?” Jian Qi smiled.

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