Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 62
Chapter 62: Should I Change My Looks?

Coco quickly stopped her from getting any weird ideas after seeing that creepy smile on her face.

Coco had been in this industry for a long time, hence he knew that this was not something hard to deal with. In fact, Cheng Feng had already denied it.

It would be solved as long as Coco spread the news saying that Jian Qi was just rehearsing for her role in “King of Gun” with Cheng Feng, and that her extraordinary performance was of a professional standard that was comparable to a professional Wushu artist.

After an agreement among the “King of Gun” producers, they decided to leak the rehearsal and competition between Jian Qi and the Wushu director which would be shown on the weekends after the release of “King of Gun”.

Suddenly, all the awful comments about Jian Qi beating someone up turned into compliments.

Even the show “King of Gun” had been getting good reviews, and Jian Qi’s personality had been evolving ever since!

In “King of Gun”, cold-blooded Lady Kao sacrificed herself for love. A ruthless, bloodthirsty spy who seemed innocent in front of the love of her life. Jian Qi had interpreted this role perfectly.

Now that the video of Jian Qi “beating” people up had gone viral, her neat and sturdy movements had caught the attention of the audience.

Looking at the change of comments online, Jian Qi then took a picture of herself holding a gun with deadly eyes, and posted it with the caption: ‘Do you wanna try?’

Coco soon found out and tried to stop her, but it was too late as she had already uploaded it in just a few seconds. People had already been sharing and commenting on the picture, some might have even taken screenshots of the picture.

Surprisingly, there was not a single negative comment about Jian Qi, but almost all of the comments were about how cool she looked.

“Jian Qi has killer eyes doesn’t she?”

“My Qi is so cool!”

“I like her so much!”

“Her stance is on point, I think I might turn gay for her, ahh… she’s so hot!”

“I want to carry my exquisitely beautiful Qi home…”

Reading those comments made Coco laugh so hard. He looked at Jian Qi breathlessly. “I should take a picture of your evil look right now and post it online too.”

“Then should I change my looks?” Jian Qi replied calmly.


‘Girl, where’s your image?’

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