Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 63
Chapter 63: This Girl is Unbelievable!

Chu Yuhan did not expect that after the video of Jian Qi beating up someone had gone viral, not only was her reputation not ruined, but it had made her even more famous.

Jian Qi was so popular that the release of the movie “King of Gun” had resulted in her popularity skyrocketing, surpassing that of the main actress in the movie.

“Would you like to continue this contract?” Coco asked her.

Jian Qi shook her head and looked at her phone. Her results were going to be released the next day, and she would be very busy.

Coco took a deep breath and asked her, “Do you really want to quit?”

“Do you really want me to stay that badly?” Jian Qi smiled.

“Yes, but I would still respect your decision,” Coco nodded and said.

“How about we make a deal. Let’s not talk about me quitting, but I will not sign the contract either. However, if I come back after I’m tired of fooling around, you will still be my manager. Deal?”

Jian Qi smiled. “During the days that I would be missed, I just want people to realize that whoever is managed by Coco will assuredly become popular!”

“Coco is definitely capable!”

Coco immediately felt a sense of warmth in his heart. ‘Little rascal, do you have to be so sweet.’

“Since you have thought this through, I won’t force you…” Coco reached out his hand for the contract. He tore the contract into pieces and threw it into the rubbish bin.

“Your results will be out by midnight, so, I shall stay here with you. But please don’t cry.” Coco smiled and teased her.

“…You better not cry too, I don’t want you to be blind!”

After dinner, they waited till midnight. Jian Qi switched on her laptop and keyed in her password.

Coco was in shock after he looked at her results.

“How did you make it through?”

Jian Qi touched Coco’s hair and said, “Be good, I’m going to sleep now. The interview notice for the National Defense Academy should arrive within two days’ time, hence I’ll need to do some training to not be eliminated inside!”

Coco was in disbelief as he sat in front of the laptop.

She obtained full marks for all the categories.

This girl was unbelievable!

Was this year’s highest achiever award for college examination going to be from Bolin High School?

That was why she was so confident that she would be able to get into the National Defense Academy. Her results alone were good enough!

However, would she pass the physical fitness test?

Coco then remembered the video of her beating up Cheng Feng, and he realized that as her manager, he did not really know the girl that he had been managing for ten years.

He sat in front of the computer the whole night, looking up the website of the National Defense Academy, and today was the first time they announced the admission name list.

He could not believe that Jian Qi’s name was at the top of that name list.

She really did it!

In fact, she did it with her extraordinary college examination results!

Jian Qi received the interview notice three days later. The interview would determine whether or not she could be enrolled.

On the same night, her class had a gathering. When Jian Qi arrived, the laughter of her classmates turned into awkward silence.

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