Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 64
Chapter 64: Qiqi, Can You Forgive Me?

Nobody who was at the class gathering would have believed that Jian Qi would make it into the National Defense Academy before their exam.

They could not have thought that she would obtain the highest marks for their college examination result.

Jian Qi walked into the room calmly and immediately sat down in a corner by herself.

Even though everyone inside the room felt awkward after Jian Qi made her appearance, yet some of them still wanted to get close to her because of her fame.

They were like strangers to her. She was not affected by their sudden interest in her.

Chu Yuhan was happy about her satisfactory results. She arrived at the gathering with a high spirit, but the moment she saw people gathering around Jian Qi, she immediately felt irritated.

She knew that Jian Qi’s results were astounding. The media had even reported Jian Qi’s extraordinary result publicly and she was immediately given another title, ‘Scholar Lord’.

She was starring in a film before the exam which caused everyone to have an opinion about her attitude toward her own studies. However, since the release of their results, everyone’s opinion did not matter anymore.

After the graduation party, everyone would drift apart to further their own studies. Hence, everyone at the party was rather happy yet reluctant, since it might be the last time everyone would gather around.

As Chu Yuhan was playing beer pong with a few other classmates, she noticed Jian Qi who was sitting alone in a corner playing with her phone.

She saw the wine glass in front of Jian Qi, and she smirked. She excused herself and left the room. Ten minutes later, she came back and went to the drinks area.

She dropped a pill into one of the fruit punches when no one was looking, lifted the glass and waited for the pill to dissolve completely in the drink. She then brought along the glass and walked to where Jian Qi was sitting.

“Qiqi…” Chu Yuhan called out her name softly with a bright smile on her face as if they were still friends.

Jian Qi shuddered. She ignored her and continued her reading in preparation for the interview for the National Defense Academy.

Some people just would not stop bothering her.

Chu Yuhan sat herself down beside Jian Qi. “Qiqi, we won’t be seeing each other soon. I just want to apologize about all the things I have done. We have been friends for so many years, can you forgive me?”

She passed her the wine glass that had been drugged. “Drink with me if you would forgive me, please? Qiqi, I’m sorry…”

Chu Yuhan eloquently persuaded Jian Qi in such a way that if she did not accept her apology, it would seem like Jian Qi was the one who was in the wrong.

Their classmates have gathered around them. “Qiqi, Yuhan has already apologized, just forgive her would you?”

“We are all classmates. Why don’t you just forgive her?”

“Forgive her already.”

Everyone became anxious, hoping that Jian Qi would forgive Chu Yuhan. But Jian Qi still did not respond.

Chu Yuhan put down the wine glass and tugged at Jian Qi’s sleeves. “Qiqi, what can I do so that you’ll forgive me?”

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