Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 65
Chapter 65: Little Tang Tang, Why are you here?

Jian Qi kept quiet.

She bent forward and reached for her own drink. Chu Yuhan stared at the two wine glasses she put on the table earlier on. Jian Qi knew what was going on but she decided to remain silent.

She picked up her own glass and held it in her hand.

“I’m really sorry, Qiqi. Can you please forgive me?” Chu Yuhan said with watery red eyes as if she was about to cry out loud.

Everyone started to calm Chu Yuhan down and persuade Jian Qi to forgive her.

Deep down, Jian Qi was sneering at the situation. People would always think that it was so easy to forgive and forget when they were not the ones involved.

Jian Qi told herself that the person she used to be was already dead. She believed that she would be ruined if the person she used to be was not dead.

Now everyone thinks that she was a cold-hearted person just because of these fake tears.

How stupid!

Jian Qi peeped at Chu Yuhan. She then put down her own glass, and quickly exchanged the placement of the two glasses Chu Yuhan had brought over.

Everyone’s attention was on Chu Yuhan, hence nobody noticed what she did.

When Chu Yuhan came to her senses, she merely saw Jian Qi reaching out to take the glasses.

She was afraid that Jian Qi would pick the glass nearest to Chu Yuhan, she then quickly lifted the glass nearest to her and passed the one that she thought had been drugged to Jian Qi.

“Qiqi, forgive me please?”

Jian Qi sneered and took the glass from her.

They cheered and Chu Yuhan quickly downed her own glass and showed it to Jian Qi out of excitement.

Jian Qi sneered in irony and then drank her glass of wine.

As soon as Jian Qi finished her drink, the door was opened with great force, and everyone turned around. A guy with a good figure and handsome looks was standing there. His mighty aura made everyone in the room go quiet.

The guy looked around the room and stopped at Jian Qi.

He glanced at her and her empty glass, and then walked toward her with frustration.

He picked up her glass and threw it aside.

As the glass broke, he pulled Jian Qi off the sofa and left the room with her.

When everyone realized what had happened, Jian Qi was no longer in the room.

Chu Yuhan frowned. Jian Qi should not be leaving now!

She quickly stood up and chased after them.

Jian Qi gazed at the frustrated man. “Little Tang Tang, why are you here?”

Tang Jinyu kept quiet and dragged Jian Qi toward another room. They entered the room filled with men. The men stopped whatever they were doing when they saw Jian Qi.

Jian Qi greeted them calmly. “Hi, good to see all of you!”

“Jian Qi?!” Someone from the crowd shouted in excitement. Feng Yi was especially happy.

Jian Qi looked around and saw many familiar faces.

‘Aren’t they the crew that worked together with Tang Jinyu?’

‘So, these men are his colleagues or his subordinates?’

“Feng Yi, is she your goddess?” the guy with Crocodile as his nickname asked.

Feng Yi gazed at Jian Qi. “Jian Qi, why would you…?”

“I’m leaving now!” Tang Jinyu cut Feng Yi short, and dragged Jian Qi along with him.

“Hey boss, why are you…” Feng Yi could not help but holler after him but the door was already closed shut and they had left.

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