Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 69 - Assessment result
Chapter 69: Assessment result

Everyone in front of Jian Qi had left accordingly, now she was the one standing in front.

Tang Jinyu did not look her way as he glanced at the rest of the people in the field and said emotionlessly, “Everyone else follow me!”

Everyone else left in the field followed him. Some of the candidates were excited while Jian Qi remained calm.

“He’s so hot…”

“Yes, he doesn’t speak much too. Pretty sure he isn’t as bad as the other examiners.”

“I hope it will be easy.”

Jian Qi heard the other candidates behind her talking about their examiner. She could not help but laugh to herself because she knew that he was going to be a pain in the as*.

“First category, planks. Everyone prepare yourselves. Go!”

Everyone seemed confused when Tang Jinyu gave his orders. Nobody knew how many times or for how long they were supposed to do planking.

However, time was already ticking, the candidates dared not question him. They could only follow the instructions given to them.

As time passed by, some of the candidates could not take it anymore. Their bodies gave way and they slumped onto the ground. When they were about to continue, Tang Jinyu said, “You have been eliminated. Please leave.”

Those who were eliminated were shocked.

As more time went by, more and more candidates failed to continue on, either due to weakened stamina, or not having the ability to do as many rounds.

After the first round, everyone knew that this examiner was no exception.

Half an hour later, Tang Jinyu looked at the candidates who were still planking and he saw Jian Qi.

He was surprised that she could endure for so long.

“Time’s up!” Tang Jinyu shouted.

Everyone stopped.

Fifty candidates had already been eliminated in the first round itself. That was when everyone realized that only the best of the best would pass this assessment.

“Second category, two hundred push-ups. Go!”

The second he finished his sentence, everyone started moving.

Jian Qi was initially fast, but she slowed down at the last few push-ups. It was as though she was tired.

Tang Jinyu noticed it as well, but he knew very well that she was doing it on purpose.

That serene look on her face told him that she was not tired at all.

Jian Qi only stood up after twenty people were done. She did the same thing for the rest of the assessment as well.

The candidates were getting more and more tired after every round of assessment.

In the end, group five was only left with forty candidates. It had the least number of candidates left among all the groups.

There were only two hundred and eighty three candidates left in total, it was even fewer than the academy’s stipulated number of three hundred candidates.

Everyone gathered around after the assessment was over. “Congratulations to all of you that have passed the first round of assessment. Yes, that was only the first round,” Feng Yi said.

Everyone was in disbelief. It was only the first round and they had already eliminated so many of the candidates. How many of them would be left in the end?

Tang Jinyu looked at the name list. The names from the day before were all still around, and their results were pretty good.

“We’ll be looking forward to your upcoming performances!” Feng Yi said. He went back to his own group and left with the other examiners.

Jian Qi put on her mask and left the school field. As she passed by the faculty block she saw Feng Yi and the other examiners hanging out there.

She took a quick glance but did not see Tang Jinyu with them.

Lightning saw her and grabbed onto Feng Yi’s hand. “Feng Yi, it’s your goddess!”

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