Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 71 - Jian Qi Is So Popular
Chapter 71: Jian Qi Is So Popular

With ‘King of Guns’ release, Jian Qi’s display of her talent made her rise to fame. As such, the academy that she applied to would surely become the focus of the mass media and her fans.

However, there was no news from any of the performing arts colleges. It was quite unexpected.

Jian Qi’s acting skills were excellent and everybody could see that clearly. She had even received the highest score in her art subjects. Surely, every performing arts college would compete to recruit her as one of their students. Surprisingly, there was no news about it whatsoever.

Some people contacted Coco but there was still no news.

The new term in the defense academy was about to begin.

Jian Qi only carried a single luggage bag compared to the others who went to the academy with a variety of small and large luggage bags.

She was assigned to a dorm for four students. When she reached the dorm, the other three roommates were already there.

They turned to look at her. “Are you Jian Qi?!”

A short-haired girl was rather excited as she threw that question at Jian Qi.

Jian Qi nodded and said, “Hello.”

“Hello, I’m Zhang Xiao. Just call me Xiaoxiao.”

The short-haired girl was rather lively.

“I’m Mu Zi.” Another long-haired girl smiled and said. Her features were beautiful. She seemed very gentle.

Jian Qi greeted them both. After that, she saw another girl who was tidying up her luggage in the dorm.

“Hello, I’m Jian Qi. May I know what your name is?” Jian Qi said to that girl.

The girl stopped what she was doing. She then turned and looked at Jian Qi calmly, but she did not respond.

Was it just her illusion? Jian Qi felt that the girl seemed to have given her a glance filled with a weird sense of hostility.

But, this was the first time they were meeting each other.

“She’s Chu Yu.”

Zhang Xiao smiled and said as she could feel that the situation had become quite awkward.

Jian Qi smiled and said nothing.

Everybody was gathered together as it was time for them to be divided into different classes.

There would be a main assessment after three months. Then, they would be divided accordingly once more. Meanwhile, they would have a second assessment during the three months’ time. After three months, they would be able to know who had the potential to stay.

The four of them were in the same class. Zhang Xiao was rather excited while Mu Zi merely smiled gently. On the other hand, Chu Yu did not show much emotions.

After they had been arranged accordingly, they went to their respective classes as per the arrangement.

Jian Qi reached her class only to see everybody staring at her.

She was quite famous recently because ‘King of Guns’ was still being broadcasted. Without a doubt, a lot of students were her fans.

They surrounded Jian Qi happily and greeted her in a friendly manner. Moreover, some rather fanatic fans asked for her signature. Soon, the entire classroom became noisy and lively because of Jian Qi.

Some students from another class beside theirs came over as well. The entire classroom was soon crowded.

It seemed like a mini fan meeting.

“Jian Qi is so popular!”

Zhang Xiao said admiringly. She looked at Jian Qi who was now surrounded by a lot of people.

Mu Zi smiled gently and nodded. “It’s true that she acted well. I rather like the character, Lady Kao, that she portrayed.”

Chu Yu said nothing. She looked at Jian Qi placidly. However, there was a disdainful look in her eyes. She then came to her senses and looked away. It was as if Jian Qi was just a nobody to her.

She found it sarcastic and hilarious. Did she think that she was still a popular celebrity now that she was here?

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