Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 72 - He Is Just Like His Name!
Chapter 72: He Is Just Like His Name!

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A beautiful girl who had no talent should stay where she belonged. Why did she come here? Did she yearn for more attention?

Jian Qi walked toward Mu Zi and the gang. The others followed closely behind her.

Chu Yu frowned. “Go someplace else if you want to show off. Don’t assume that everybody likes you!”

She did not say it harshly but rather calmly. However, it was filled with sarcasm.

Jian Qi smiled placidly. Her assumption was right. Chu Yu did indeed dislike her!

She leaned against the chair lazily and looked at the other students in front of her. She smiled faintly and said, “You will soon be exhausted standing there for so long. Go look for a place to sit. If you want my signature, I’ll sign them for you!”

The others screamed in excitement.

Chu Yu smiled coldly. She grabbed her things and left without a word. Then, she walked toward the furthest place from them and took a seat.

“Come forward if you want my signature. Then, return to your respective classes or seats once you get my signature. If not, the instructor might beat you up with his small whip when he comes.”

Jian Qi smiled nonchalantly while using her pen to sign for them swiftly.

Zhang Xiao looked at Jian Qi fooling around with the others.

On the other hand, Chu Yu was sitting all alone by herself. Somehow, she felt that Jian Qi was in the wrong for what had happened. She then said to Mu Zi, “I’ll go and sit beside Chu Yu.”

Mu Zi smiled gently and nodded in response.

She understood what had happened clearly. If Chu Yu did not speak sarcastically just now, Jian Qi would not react like that.

Therefore, it was not entirely Jian Qi’s fault.

Then, a cold voice interrupted them. “Why are you all standing there? Go back to your own seats!”

The crowd looked toward the owner of the voice and saw a familiar figure. Their facial expressions changed. They quickly either returned to their respective classes, or sat down on their own seats obediently.

Jian Qi did not look up when she heard that familiar voice. Her lips curled into a mysterious smile.

‘Oh! Our fates are surely intertwined!’

‘Instructor Tang, how are you?’

A man in camouflage clothing was standing on the platform. He stood strong and firm just like a flag pole. His aura was so powerful and stern that the entire classroom soon fell into a deep pit of silence.

Seeing that everybody was serious, Tang Jinyu said, “I’m sure that everyone is quite familiar with me. However, I have a new identity now so let me introduce myself. I’m Tang Jinyu and you can call me Instructor Tang from now on. I’ll be your main instructor. If you have any problems, you can come and see me. Now, we’ll start with your attendance…”

Jian Qi raised her eyebrow slightly while glancing at the man in front of her.

‘Tang Jinyu!’

‘He is just like his name!’

“Now, everybody get ready! Gather at the field in five minutes’ time! If you’re late, you need to do a hundred push-ups!” Tang Jinyu said coldly.

Everyone was stunned.

How could he begin the class with something so harsh?

In a split second, everyone scrambled to their feet and rushed to the field.

Mu Zi nudged Jian Qi. “Jian Qi, why are you still standing there? Come on, let’s go…”

“You go first. I’ll come later…” Jian Qi smiled playfully. Then, she walked toward Tang Jinyu.

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