Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 74 - What Do You Need the Stones for?
Chapter 74: What Do You Need the Stones for?

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Tang Jinyu took a look at the crowd that had gathered before him. He was expressionless and he did not show any emotions.

Feng Yi stood beside him and he was holding a stopwatch in his hand. There were ten seconds left, and there were still two people who had not arrived yet!

The students who were standing there did not know that Feng Yi would be there too.

It seemed that there would be a lot of people who would be kicked out from the class!



Right before Feng Yi pressed the stopwatch in his hand, Jian Qi arrived with lightning speed.

Her speed was as fast as the wind!

They could almost see a double image of her!

He looked at Jian Qi in a rather shocked manner. Then, he pressed on the stopwatch.

Right on time!

Her timing was just right.

Chu Yu appeared at the entrance of the field at that moment.

She ran toward them quickly but she was late.

“You’re thirty seconds late!” Feng Yi looked at the time.

Tang Jinyu spoke without any facial expression. “Do a hundred push-ups now!”

His cold voice revealed zero emotions.

Chu Yu spoke up, “Instructor, I have a report to make!

“I’m late because Jian Qi stopped me just now. That’s why I’m late!”

Chu Yu stared at Jian Qi coldly. It seemed as if she would rush forward and bite Jian Qi at any moment.

Jian Qi stared placidly in the front her, as if the matter did not involve her.

One would think that Chu Yu was not talking about her!

Tang Jinyu looked at Chu Yu coldly. He completely ignored whatever she said. “A hundred push-ups!”

Chu Yu did not think that Tang Jinyu would only punish her and not punish Jian Qi as well. She was displeased. “Instructor, It’s unfair! You’re clearly biased!”

“If you’re unhappy about it, you can return to your dorm, pack up your things and leave the academy now!”

Tang Jinyu showed no emotion whatsoever as he said so coldly. His strong and powerful aura forced Chu Yu into silence.

Chu Yu turned around and glared at Jian Qi angrily. Then, she went down and started doing her push-ups.

Tang Jinyu then scanned the crowd frigidly. “What you have to do is obey the orders, complete your tasks and accept the punishments. Don’t give me all sorts of excuses. Don’t you ever play tricks in front of me!”

Tang Jinyu said that while pacing to and fro in front of them. Now, he was standing in front of Jian Qi.

Jian Qi remained calm. Was what he said not meant for her?

Tang Jinyu retracted his cold stare, and walked to stand right in front of them all.

Feng Yi went forward and said, “From today onward, I’ll be your associate instructor. Make sure you bring your A game!”

“Now, everyone go and take a backpack. Begin your five-kilometre run with a load!”

Everyone then took a backpack and ran quickly toward the back of the mountain.

Feng Yi approached Tang Jinyu and stood beside him when everyone had left. He could not help but say, “Boss, can you be gentler to our goddess?”

Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrows slightly. He seemed cold. “This is a defense academy. Where do you think we are?”

“Of course I know it’s an academy!”

“Feng Yi!”

“Yes!” Feng Yi stood at attention.

“Come here!” Tang Jinyu walked toward the ATV and grabbed a backpack from inside the car.

“Go and fill it up with stones!”

Feng Yi did not understand why but still he obeyed his order.

The backpack was soon filled with stones. It was rather heavy.

“Boss, what do you need the stones for?” Feng Yi asked curiously. He was smiling brightly.

Tang Jingyu was inside the car now. He stared at Feng Yi coldly, “Follow me!”

Then, he stepped on the pedal and drove off speedily.

Feng Yu stared at the back of the car in utter shock and disbelief. Why?!

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