Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 75 - : What Did I Owe You in My Previous Life?
Chapter 75: What Did I Owe You in My Previous Life?

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Feng Yi thought that he could get closer to his goddess now that he had the chance to be the instructor for a few days at the academy. He wanted to get to know her better.

But, what was he doing now?

He had no choice but to carry the backpack and run after them.

They were just a group of new soldiers. Even though their stamina was much better than ordinary people, they were still a group of young masters and young misses who grew up in nice and comfortable environments. They started to get tired after running for a short while.

Feng Yi soon caught up to them.

Tang Jinyu grabbed the loudspeaker and gave his command stonily. “The associate instructor is running with you. From now on, you need to run another three kilometres if you’re slower than the associate instructor by five metres!”

With his orders, everyone threw pleading glances at Feng Yi who seemed to be relaxed and calm.

Feng Yi smiled softly. He was just as warm as the spring breeze for them.

Jian Qi was running at the front of the group. Feng Yi soon caught up to her. Before he could speak to her, Tang Jinyu’s cold voice was heard again. “Associate instructor, if the distance between you and the others is within five metres, you need to run another ten kilometres!”

Feng Yi’s smile froze.

‘Boss, what are you doing?’

‘Are you fooling around with me?’

He was just about to inquire about his goddess’s well-being…

“Come on!” Feng Yi said to Jian Qi.

Jian Qi smiled. “Associate instructor, you better be careful!”

The beautiful lady smiled and it seemed like the sunlight had become even more dazzling because of her smile. Feng Yi felt that it was nothing for him as long as he could chat with his goddess.

He trained himself in the same way on a daily basis.

However, to think about it from a different perspective, if he could not even beat the new soldiers in a running course, would his goddess not look down on him?

Then, he quickened his pace.

Jian Qi remained calm, increased her speed and soon caught up to him.

Chu Yu’s expression darkened. How could she allow Jian Qi to have all the fame by herself? She quickened her pace and pursued after them.

Feng Yi’s speed was very fast but Jian Qi was not weak either.

Feng Yi kept an eye out for Jian Qi who was behind him. However, no matter how fast he ran, Jian Qi could always catch up to him.

Their distance was maintained at three metres apart.

Chu Yu was still pursuing after them relentlessly. As time passed by, everybody was exhausted. They were very tired as they were pursuing Feng Yi relentlessly. The distance between them soon became wider.

On the other hand, Jian Qi was still narrowing the distance between her and Feng Yi!

Chu Yu frowned. She was clearly surprised at Jian Qi’s good stamina and her ability to run.

“Associate instructor, are you waiting for me?” Jian Qi caught up to Feng Yi and said playfully.

Feng Yi looked at her with a shocked expression. “What did you do other than acting in the past?”

She was so good at running!

“Nothing! I was bored recently so I ran up and down the stairs for fun. I never thought that it’ll come in handy today. Associate instructor, can you slow down your pace slightly for me?”

Jian Qi felt that she should not annoy all the instructors. At least, Feng Yi seemed to be quite nice and friendly.

“Associate instructor, I think that ten kilometres is just too short a distance for you. If you cannot put yourself apart from the group with the distance I mentioned earlier, I’ll let you have another ten kilometres!”

Tang Jinyu’s cold voice came from behind them.

Feng Yi was devastated.

‘Boss, what did I do to you in my previous life? Can’t you give me some time to talk to my goddess?”

“Miss Jian, see you!” Feng Yi then quickened his pace.

Jian Qi curled her lips upward and caught up to him once again.

Feng Yi was troubled as he realized that Jian Qi was pursuing him relentlessly.

Why was she so good at running?

Nobody knew what Jian Qi did during the two-months holiday. She had high intensity training almost everyday including going for runs in order to strengthen her weak body.

Her weak body became stronger.

As such, five kilometres was not a problem for her.

At first, she wanted to remain humble. That was why her result was average when she went through the first assessment.

It was because the others might be envious of her if she appeared to be excellent and outstanding.

However, Chu Yu showed hostility toward Jian Qi without any valid reason. Jian Qi soon understood that keeping a low profile was not a good way to go.

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