Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 76 - You Cannot Even Run Faster Than a Novice Soldier
Chapter 76: You Cannot Even Run Faster Than a Novice Soldier

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Surely, a lot of people would be hostile toward her given that she was a star.

Why not take the initiative and appear strong rather than allowing the others to gossip about her and find trouble with her? If she could only be admired by them from afar, surely they would not dare to bother her.

She could eliminate a lot of future problems.

As such, she had no choice but to let Feng Yi run for a few more kilometres.

Jian Qi quickened her pace when that thought struck her.

Feng Yi did not expect Jian Qi to run faster than him.

He was slightly stunned when he saw that Jian Qi was now running in front of him.

How could it be? He immediately chased after her.

But still, Jian Qi managed to get rid of him, and Feng Yi was soon way behind her.

Tang Jinyu leaned his hand against the car window. He looked at the girl who was running first in the group. Had she decided not to hide anymore?

Jian Qi…

Then, Tang Jinyu smiled and grabbed the loudspeaker. He said again, “Associate instructor, if you’re lacking behind again, I’ll make sure you run until you can’t feel your legs anymore today!”

Feng Yi was aggrieved when he heard what Tang Jinyu said. He immediately quickened his pace.

However, Jian Qi did not allow him to catch up to her. She still managed to put a metre’s distance between them no matter how hard he pursued after her. She did not slow down her pace at all and she was still the first in the group.

Tang Jinyu drove past them in his car. Then, he said coldly to Feng Yi, “It seems like you need to strengthen your stamina. You cannot even run faster than a novice soldier.”

Feng Yi was speechless.

How could she run so fast?

Tang Jingyu looked at the girl who was the first to calmly reach the ending point.

“Instructor, is there any reward for the champion?” Jian Qi smiled playfully.

Tang Jinyu looked at her and smirked. “Do you want a reward?”

Feng Yi then arrived at that moment. Tang Jinyu smiled and said, “Why don’t I award you with the privilege to supervise the associate instructor on his run later?”

Feng Yi was speechless once more.

‘Boss, can you please not do such a thing?’

‘It’s quite humiliating to lose to my goddess. Now, you are even asking her to supervise the punishment that you have given me. What’s wrong with you?’

“Let’s forget about the associate instructor. I hope that I can supervise your running one day. That would be better.”

Tang Jingyu looked at her coldly. “Wait for it then!”

Jian Qi lifted an eyebrow and smiled serenely.

Feng Yi was annoyed. It seemed that he was being looked down by them.

Not long after, some of the students reached the ending point. Almost all of them collapsed onto the ground out of sheer exhaustion.

Chu Yu glanced at Jian Qi. It was because she saw Jian Qi smiling and chatting with Tang Jinyu just now from afar. What were they talking about?

She could not help but frown slightly.

After some time, everybody had reached the ending point.

Tang Jinyu voiced out without any expression, “Only one student managed to pass. Everyone, continue to run for another three kilometres except for Jian Qi. Five people who are lacking behind need to run with the associate instructor later!”

Everyone was already exhausted from their run. However, it was just a warmup.

Four hundred metres obstacle run, single and parallel bars practice, rock climbing and swimming practice. After an entire day of training, everyone was completely worn out. It felt as if their skin had been peeled off their bodies.

At night, a group of girls rushed into Jian Qi’s room when they were resting.

The girl who was leading the group was wearing a singlet. She was tall and strong. The muscles on her hand seemed quite frightening.

“Jian Qi, come out!”

“Jian Qi, come out now!”

A group of girls were shouting loudly.

Mu Zi got up and asked doubtfully, ‘Do you need something?”

“It’s none of your business! Move aside, ask Jian Qi to come out!” Another girl who was standing at the side raised her hand and pushed Mu Zi aside. Then, she shouted loudly, “Jian Qi, come out!”

Chu Yu was sitting on her bed. There was an indiscernible smile on her face.

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