Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 77 - What’s Your Problem With Me?
Chapter 77: What’s Your Problem With Me?

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“What’s the matter?”

Jian Qi came out of the washroom at that time. She had just showered and her wet hair was still hanging loosely behind her. She was wearing a camouflage singlet just like everybody else. However, she appeared to be quite dazzling in that singlet. Her beautiful features made her look like a beautiful woman portrayed in a painting.

She was indeed a captivating star from the entertainment circle.

She did not lose her beauty as she grew older. On the contrary, she became even more beautiful the older she became.

The others were stunned. After awhile, they regained their senses. The girl who was leading the other girls spoke first, “Why did you run so fast today? Everybody was punished because of you!”

Jian Qi smirked. She seemed captivating. She spoke condescendingly, “How can you blame others for being smart when you’re the one who’s dumb?”

“You!” The girl was livid.

She was not good with words. She preferred talking with her fists!

She immediately walked toward Jian Qi. Then, she raised her fist and was about to punch Jian Qi.

Her punch was stopped directly by Jian Qi in mid-air.

“You wanna beat me up?” Jian Qi tilted her head and smiled. Her powerful aura was frightening.

The girl was stunned. The way Jian Qi looked right now was rather scary, there seemed to be murderous intents in her eyes.

Clearly, she was afraid of Jian Qi.

Jian Qi flung her hand away and laughed coldy. Then, her eyes swept across all the girls standing before her. “Train up more if you’re weak. How shameful you are to come and look for trouble!”

“Jian Qi, do you know who I am?” The girl stood up and looked at her coldly. “I can kick you out of the defense academy anytime I want!”

“Does your family run this school? If not, get lost now!” Jian Qi glared at them, and she seemed rather ferocious now. “I never look for trouble myself. If you truly want to bother me, I’ll definitely make you regret it!”

Nobody dared to retort given her strong aura and suppression.

Chu Yu looked at the crowd that was frightened of Jian Qi. She could not help but frown. Her eyes became colder.


“Jian Qi, aren’t you just an actress? You’re not so much better yourself. Even if you got to be first today, do you think that you can stay in the academy?” Chu Yu voiced out sarcastically.

“Isn’t there a secret rule in your entertainment circle? You would sleep with literally anybody just to get a role, right?” Chu Yu looked at Jian Qi sarcastically. “That’s why you have set your eyes on Instructor Tang now, haven’t you? So that you can stay.”

“No wonder I saw you approach Instructor Tang today when everybody had left the classroom!”

The others started whispering among themselves.

“Moreover, she was chatting happily with the instructor when she reached the ending point first even though the instructor was not paying attention to her!”

“Sure enough, everyone from the entertainment circle is just as filthy as we thought!”

“Is it possible that she has bribed the instructor?”

“It is possible!”

“Jian Qi is just an actress. How did she arrive first? How suspicious. There might be some unspeakable secrets!”

“Stop talking nonsense! Jian Qi became the champion because of her true ability. Instructor Tang is nothing like what you said. Stop spreading rumors!”

Mu Zi could not help but stand up and advise them.

Zhang Xiao remained quiet. She became a bystander and looked at the girls before her. She could not get on their bad side. Moreover, she felt that they were right in a sense.

Jian Qi seemed weak. She was an actress who was always acting with her crew members. How could she have such good stamina?

What Chu Yu said overturned everybody’s opinions.

Jian Qi smirked sarcastically. She glanced at Chu Yu with a faint smile. “What’s your problem with me? What do you have against me when we have just met?”

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