Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully! Chapter 78 - Is This School Violence?
Chapter 78: Is This School Violence?

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Chu Yu appeared proud and smug. “I’m just talking about something that happened. I want to remind everyone not to be deceived by you!”

“What a good excuse! Are you a justice envoy?” Jian Qi smirked. “If I’m not wrong, you are against me because of Instructor Tang, right?”

She had always been adept at noticing other people’s behaviors and actions.

Jian Qi went to talk to Tang Jinyu today. However, Chu Yu stopped her in her path when she was about to leave. She even blocked the door without any intention of leaving!

Chu Yu was clearly a competitive person. She would never allow herself to make a single mistake during the first practice.

Especially from the warning she gave Jian Qi when she was about to leave the classroom and the way she angrily stared at Jian Qi after the run. Occasionally, she even looked at Tang Jinyu with admiration.

It was obvious. Chu Yu treated Jian Qi as her love rival.

However, she was still confused. That morning, Chu Yu seemed quite hostile toward Jian Qi when they met in the dorm. Had they seen each other before?

Moreover, she had to be with Tang Jinyu at that time!

Chu Yu’s facial expression changed slightly after hearing what Jian Qi said. Soon after, she recollected herself and came to her senses. But Jian Qi was able to capture that slight change.

Her guess was right!

“You like Instructor Tang so you were displeased when you saw me talking with him. Now, you have started condemning me. Am I right?”

“No!” Chu Yu shouted coldly. “Jian Qi, you’re spewing nonsense!”

Jian Qi smiled and walked toward Chu Yu. She seemed to not have a care in the world. “You’re angry right now because what I said is true, right?”

Chu Yu was angry, especially when everybody was looking at her with a weird expression on their faces. Her anger deepened.

“Jian Qi, how dare you!” Chu Yu could not help but stretch her hand out. She wanted to slap Jian Qi.

Jian Qi stepped back and Chu Yu did not manage to slap her.

It was rather humiliating for Chu Yu.

Chu Yu then got down from the bed and stood firmly on the ground. Then, she looked at Jian Qi coldly. “Jian Qi, you created so much trouble for us today. You made us suffer because of the punishment. Now, you are even putting the blame on me. You really belong to the entertainment circle. Your tricks are really cunning! I’m just not as good as you are!”

What Chu Yu said made others come to their senses.

Jian Qi was just an actress who had no status.

On the other hand, everyone was clear about Chu Yu’s background and family. Most of the students in the defense academy came from privileged families. Some of them came from common families.

As such, they knew perfectly well what they should do.

Moreover, they did have to go through the punishment that day because of Jian Qi.

They then walked toward Jian Qi.

Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. Were they planning to get her involved in school violence?

Jian Qi smirked and her smile was rather wicked. She started flexing her body to loosen her muscles. Would there be a fight?

She had not fought with other people recently. It was just the right time for her to give it a trial run!

“What are you doing?”

A cold voice was heard from the door when everyone was getting ready to start the fight.

That familiar voice shocked them. They turned around and stood in attention.

“It’s already quite late, why are you all gathered here instead of resting? What are you trying to do?” Tang Jinyu asked them coldly.

“Instructor, we’re just chatting!” One of the girls replied.


Tang Jinyu smiled at them coldly. How dare they lie to him?

“Gather downstairs in two minutes’ time!”

“Run ten kilometres with a load!”

Tang Jinyu said coldly.

Everybody’s facial expression fell immediately.

Chu Yu stared at Jian Qi angrily. Jian Qi merely smiled calmly. ‘More training? Great!’

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